Customer relationship management is the key to the growth of sales for your organization. Today more than ever, the emphasis has increased on the relationship. It has become important to prioritize customer relationships instead of making it a “good to have.” Here are 5 advantages of mobile CRM which can help you gain more revenue.

A mobile CRM software can improve your organization’s relationship with its customers and directly impact your sales figures. According to research, every dollar spent on a CRM tool has the potential to give an organization $8.71 as a return on investment.

Here are five ways in which it can help you achieve these goals:

1. Increased Conversions

According to research, 65% of sales reps using a mobile CRM achieve their targets versus only 22% who work with traditional sales CRM tools. This mainly occurs because sales reps empowered with a mobile CRM have access to customer information on the go. They can connect with customers and schedule appointments faster, make notes about interactions in real time, and log all these details without being present in the office. This means they can respond to customer requirements faster and shorten the sales cycle, thus increasing the ratio of prospects to sales conversion.

But new customers are not the only people who contribute to higher sales for organizations with high sales. A major chunk of this contribution comes from existing customers.

2. Better Customer Retention

Research states that a five per cent increase in customer retention can lead to an increase in profitability of anywhere between 25 to 95 per cent. This is because the cost of marketing and servicing drops and existing customers are also more likely to give referrals that convert into paying customers faster.

A mobile CRM software enables your sales reps to service existing customers faster. They can set reminders about when to connect with customers again, decide which customers to contact based on the products they need to sell in the quarter, inquire about their requirements and proactively stay connected with important customers to maintain relationships.

3. Quicker Issue Resolution

Customers today expect quick responses and resolutions for their issues regardless of the medium they use to connect with a brand – social media, email, live chat or phone. Research has shown that a large number of customers expect to be contacted within an hour of placing a complaint.

A mobile CRM software enables you and your teams to resolve issues faster since everyone has access to the necessary customer information on the go. They can take action on complaints even outside office hours using their mobile devices. The intuitive dashboards also mean that business leaders have real-time access to understanding the most common problems that customers are encountering, conduct a root-cause analysis, and take action to solve them.

The fewer problems your customers face, the less they have to contact customer support, and the more satisfied they are. And satisfied customers are up to 81% more likely to stay with an organization for the long term.

4. Increased Employee Productivity

A mobile CRM increases employee productivity by up to 15% over traditional CRM software. This is because they can quickly and easily organize tasks according to priority, add or delete tasks with ease, get notified about tasks on their to-do lists, and complete these tasks even when they are not at their workstations.

A CRM software also allows your team to capture information and make it visible to relevant stakeholders within your organization. The result? No mixed signals for customers and reduced rework which has a direct impact on your organization’s productivity.

A mobile CRM also enhances business leaders’ productivity because it enables them to delegate non-core tasks to others and track the status of the same. Thus, they have more time to focus on their core tasks that contribute to the organization’s growth.

5. Increased Accountability of Your Sales Team

If your business doesn’t have a CRM, holding your sales team accountable becomes overwhelming. They share the same customer names over and over again when asked about their sales pipeline. Yet, orders don’t get closed. If you confront them, they give excuses that you can see through. Yet, you cannot do anything and feel helpless.

A mobile CRM system can make your sales team toe in line. They can update activities on the go. They don’t have to reach office to update these details, or “forget” to make entries. You can track your team’s daily and weekly performance without being physically present at work.

A client who installed our CRM solution made a policy for his sales team: “If the details are not in the CRM, it didn’t happen.” The result was a 26 per cent increase in turnover within two months.

Companies that use a mobile CRM see 65 per cent more salespeople achieve their sales quota. Connect with us to know how our mobile CRM app can boost your sales performance.

All these 5 advantages of mobile crm can be beneficial for business

Summing up benefits of mobile CRM

Everyone uses a mobile device these days. So why hold your company back from taking advantage of this trend?

A mobile CRM app will make your people more accountable and productive. You will also retain more customers and bring down expenses that can be avoided. All these aspects will contribute to the topline and bottom line of your business.

With each passing day, more and more companies are embracing mobile CRM software. If your company has not done the same already, it’s time for you to join the bandwagon.

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