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Our Story

Enjay started its journey as Enjay Computer Consultancy – way back in 1994/95, providing services like Assembly of Hardware, Maintenance, peripherals etc. It was started by 3 idiots, Limesh, Chaitanya & Siddheshwar Parekh (3 brothers). Infact name Enjay comes from first initials of Narendra & Jyotsna – Parents of these 3 brothers.

In 2001, Enjay Thin Client card was released. The Model was scalable. At that time Thin Client was very very new concept, and acceptance was very low. but slowly business grew, and Enjay became to be know as Thin Client “Card Wala”. 

Enjay's journey of innovation


Enjay Computer Consultancy
Providing services like Assembly of Hardware, Maintenance, peripherals etc.


Enjay Network Solutions
It was converted to Enjay Network Solutions, and the focus shifted from hardware to Networking, Linux etc.


windows 95 Remote booting
When HDD was costly, win 95 without HDD was a big deal, that was innovation with which Enjay started.


India’s first Thin Client Card
A PCI lan card with boot rom that can convert a regular Desktop to a diskless Thin Client.


Thin Client Devices
Not the first to launch it, but first indian company to launch in indian market. Thin Client market in India was growing fast back then.


Enjay Tornado OS (for Thin Client)
A First ever Indian company to launch Thin Client Operating System Enjay Tornad. Powers Enjay Thin Clients and Also few of white lebeled OEM brands.


Enjay CRM Launched
We started using CRM in 2004, then formed a development team and sold first CRM in 2008, CRM was a very unknown phenomenon back then.


Enjay Synapse Telephony Launched
A fledged IPPBX appliance with call recording, IVR and Call Center Capabilities. CRM and Telephony made a killer combination for Enjay.


Enjay Tiguin Liunux OS Launched
Linux OS for Desktops & Terminal Server specifically designed for Indian Market It has built in Office Suits, Browser,Email Client and above all capability to run Tally ERP 9.


Tally Tests & recommended Tiguin OS For Tally
Tally solutions, Bangalore did extensive testing of Tiguin Linux OS. Tiguin Linux also appears on Tally’s website as supposted Operating Systems.


Enjay Cloud for Tally Launched
Optimised and hardened Cloud version of Tiguin Linux OS is specifically designed to run Tally on cloud. Enjay is India’s largest cloud Provider for Tally.


Enterprise/Gov Custom Acquired
Till 2016, Enjay had been preferred vendor for SEMs, in 2017 we bagged Some Big and Prestigious Projects.


Samparksetu Launched
The BIG Business App For SMALL Business Owners. Multi-Channel Drip Marketing App Using WhatsApp, SMS, Email And Calls. Useful For Cross-Selling, Generating Leads, Prospecting, Relationship Building.


Sangam CRM Launched
Fully customizable cloud-based CRM with Native Mobile Apps for iOS and Android. Sangam CRM is useful for Marketing, Sales and Helpdesk (Support).


Sugam Tally on Cloud Launched
A seamless Browser based Tally on Cloud solution with more than 10 amazing features. Access Tally from anywhere, anytime, any device.

An Indian software product company, from a small village called Bhilad ( Gujarat India)







Core Team

Behind every successful company there is a hard working team of smart people. We are people who can bring a method to the madness, and establish priorities and always remain focused on the results.

Our team is a group of dedicated jugglers that make it all happen without dropping a ball. At Enjay, ennovation comes from every corner – not just technical or R & D department

Limesh Parekh


Chaitanya Parekh


Siddheshwar Parekh

Siddheshwar Parekh


Bhuvnesh Patel


Taufik Patel

VP Sales

Vishal Patel

VP Product (Telephony)

Ishani Lad

VP Project

Surya Nirmal

VP Project

Vishal Dake

VP Mobile Technologies

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