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Reduce CRM Data Entry and increase CRM effectiveness with Mobile CRM Sales App

#1 Sales App for Mobile Salesforce Automation. A Mobile CRM software that empower your Field Sales and Sales Managers with automatic Activity Logging and intelligent reporting.

You focus on Sales and let Sales Tracking App do the hard work

No one loves data entry, especially small business teams. We understand that mobile CRM Solutions have to be effective for sales teams, by reducing Data Entry and providing Real-Time information. Here is why Enjay’s Sangam CRM software has the best CRM mobile application.

Dynamic Dashboards

Innovative role wise dashboard shows everything you want to know. Personalised, configurable, user wise CRM dashboards.

360-degree view

Complete detail of person or company as well as all the related information on a single screen with few clicks.

Quick Actions

Swipe gestures for easy contact management and activity.Call/ SMS/Email/WhatsApp with a single action.

Activity Logging

Calls, SMS, Emails and geo locations for meetings are logged automatically almost eliminates data entry for Sales Teams.

Quick Templates

65% of work can be reduced with Templates. User-defined Dynamic Templates for SMS/ WhatsApp & Emails.

Email Support

Use Email templates to send individual or bulk Email. Get notified when your emails are opened or clicked.

Mobile CRM App To Manage Sales Process And Customer Service.

Enjay’s Sangam CRM Platform provides all the customer information required for sales operation to the field Sales Executives and Sales Managers.

Sales CRM Mobile App Templates increases productivity.

A Study Says That Templates Reduce Communication Workload Of Sales Team By 65%. This Is Significant. Sangam Mobile CRM Provides Templates For All Kinds Of Messages – Email, SMS, WhatsApp. Template Based Messages Improve Customer Relationship.

Templates Everywhere.

Easily create pre-formatted templates for SMS / WhatsApp / Email. Use our readymade templates to customise your own set of templates.

Personalised Messaging.

Create more customer engagement with personalised messages using Variables from CRM Data from any module or related module.

Schedule Messages.

Open rates depend on when messages are received. Schedule messages for maximum effectiveness and customer experience.

Automate Messages.

Engage customers with automated workflow based messages. Can be used for Lead Prospecting, Sales process or even Customer on-boarding.

How Mobile CRM Sales App Enables Effective To Follow Up​

78% of Sales Enquiries are lost because of a lack of proper follow-up. Mobile CRM system enables Sales teams to track schedules and track their calls and meetings with just three clicks. Enjay’s Sangam CRM application provides a unique way of managing Follow-Ups with just three fields; Next-Follow-up-Date, Next-Follow-up-Time, and Next-Follow-up-Type. Get Notification when things are due. Follow-up is one of the most important components of mobile sales force automation.

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