In the digital age, people always stay connected using mobile devices. Now, mobile CRM software is no longer a competitive advantage but a necessity. Here are 10 mind-blowing advantages of Mobile CRM software

A mobile CRM software doesn’t just help your sales team. It helps your organization stay connected with customers, understand their needs, and deliver a good experience.

10 advantages of mobile CRM Software

To service customers effectively, an organization must have their correct contact information. This database is one of the most treasured properties of any business that wants to stay in the industry for long. Incorrect or outdated customer data is as good as a customer lost.

A mobile CRM software enables sales and support teams to maintain updated and accurate customer information in a common database. Thus, each time customers have to be contacted, stakeholders can access customer data and connect with them without a fuss.

Personalized marketing is the in-thing now. Every customer wants to feel special even if he buys a common product. Personalizing such experiences can prove expensive for an organization until the organization automates the process.

Advantages of mobile CRM software is that it enables your business to design and execute marketing campaigns automatically without making it appear so. You can send information via social media and WhatsApp, inform customers about latest offers, and even use their names without having to lift a finger.

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Sales, without doubt, is the lifeline of every enterprise. Effective planning leads to better sales. According to research, 74% of people agree that effective account planning results in a higher win rate.

Setting and tracking achievable targets for your sales team is an advantage of a mobile CRM tool. You can use reports to analyze monthly and yearly sales, set targets, build a sales pipeline, and track your team’s performance. Thus, your sales team stays accountable and you can take corrective action quickly if needed.

All this leads to an increase in revenue for your business.

Today’s customers want quick answers. For instance, if they place an inquiry, they want a response in under an hour. They want swift and effective resolutions to their problems otherwise they’ll take their business to your competitor.

To keep your customers satisfied, your teams must stay connected with customers and have access to real-time information. They need to be able to make meeting notes, schedule appointments, dispatch orders and more, on the go.

An effective mobile CRM enables your people to deliver on these metrics using their mobile devices efficiently. They can do so even when they’re not in office. They can fulfill customer requirements even while working remotely, thus being productive in the true sense.

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To be successful today, businesses and brands can no longer afford to be reactive i.e. wait for customers to connect with them. Businesses must be proactive. They must reach out to customers to preempt their orders before competition poaches them.

Your sales team must know which products and services have a higher chance of being purchased when upsold. Using the intuitive analytics of a mobile CRM, you can segment your customers and identify which additional products stand a better chance of getting purchased. You can identify which products are gaining popularity and start selling more of them and reduce the ones that don’t prove profitable.

Thus, your business can get an edge by being able to predict and fulfill customer needs before competition catches up.

A satisfied customer might continue to do business with your company without providing references unless asked. Due to lack of tracking mechanisms, businesses often take too long to respond, causing customer to churn.

A mobile CRM system lets you log customer complaints and track their statuses. Not just that, you can also track issue resolution TATs, common complaints and issues, and more. Better customer service means happier customers, which means more business.

Most organizations face a challenge of lack of information flow within which irritates customers, leads to rework and reduced productivity.

A mobile CRM software offers your teams the benefit of capturing information and making it accessible to relevant stakeholders. The result is no mixed signals for customers, a reduction in wasted time, and increased productivity.

Customers value their data as much as their own lives. But with the advent of technology, data theft has become more rampant. Or at least, people have become aware about it.

A mobile CRM software can protect data of customers potently.

A modern mobile CRM tool like Enjay’s CRM software comes with multiple layers of security. Also, it enables administrators to limit the visibility of information to people. They get access only to as much information as they need, and sensitive information like payment details stay secure.

Customer experience, not customer service, has turned into a competitive advantage for businesses today. Customers want to invest less effort while engaging with a business or brand across various touchpoints. The easier it is, the more a customer stays engaged with a brand.

Engaged customers stick around with a business or brand for longer. According to research, they can yield up to ten times more in revenue than their original ticket size, and can increase profitability for a business by up to 95%. Engaged customers also refer their friends and family to a brand, thus reducing the brand’s marketing costs substantially.

When a business or brand deploys a mobile CRM, it’s able to cater to customer needs better for all the reasons mentioned above. It can also increase customer ease while engaging with the brand. All this leads to an improved customer experience which leads to tangible business results like increased revenue and profitability.

The Forrester Group had polled 2,000 employees using a CRM. They found that when the system was properly integrated and optimally used, the RoI exceeded a whopping 245 percent!

Their research further highlighted that using a CRM application increased:

On the balance sheets, these numbers don’t translate into direct revenue. But this additional time and effort invested in productive tasks has a direct impact on your company’s topline and bottom line.

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