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Five Reasons Why Tally Partners need CRM

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As we all know Tally ERP is an undoubted leader in the Indian ERP market.  The second reason for its market supremacy is channel partners, the first reason being the simplicity of the software itself.  

Tally family has Widespread variety of Tally partners who are duly certified by Tally Solutions company. Tally Certified 5-Star partners, 3-Star Partners and Associate Partners of Tally provide all the Tally related Sales and Service support for Tally products. 

Also, the offerings and business model of Tally Partners is growing complex day by day, because the market is changing. The business requirements of your Clients are also changing very fast. The old days, when selling just product was enough are gone. Now, clients expect a lot of value-added services from you. 

Almost all Tally partners are sitting on if potential gold mine, but they are not able to explore that opportunity because of a lack of processes, systems, and data.
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Five Reasons why Tally Partners need CRM

Explore the goldmine, Utilise the cross-selling potential

  1. Generally, all the Tally partners have the following offerings for their clients. 
    • Selling Tally license
    • Tally.net subscriptions
    • AMC for tally related services
    • Tally customization service
    • Tally module for add ons they might have developed
    • Some other products
  2. Unfortunately, most of your clients are using only one or at the most two offerings. Which means that there is a huge potential. 
  3. Cross-selling to existing clients is always much easier than finding new clients. Here is a detailed guide to cross-selling
  4. Three levels of cross-selling opportunity
    • Upgrade single user to multiuser.
      This is easy as Tally Company provides you the list of potential Upgrades. 
    • Sell your other offerings to people who are using only one offering.
      Partners have to do this on their own. CRM helps to identify prospective clients and create a proper process for regular upselling and cross-selling. 
    • Be ready with your captive market for any new product
      Introducing a new product or service is very easy if we have proper data and categorization of your Customer base. A good CRM will help you to be ready for the future. 
  5. You will be able to do cross-selling only and only if they have proper data of customers, proper contact people, and proper contact details. Just having company names of Clients does not enable you for cross-selling. 
If the rate of change outside the company is more than the rate of things inside the company then it’s a problem. The market is changing very fast, are you also changing?
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Manage the biggest asset and biggest challenge. The team

  1. Without proper process and automation, Tally partners always struggle with their teams. Are you spending most of your time and energy in figuring out what your team is doing?
  2. Mobile CRM with a proper team tracking mechanism improves team coordination and reduces the total cost of operation.
  3. CRM helps you to create a team that is process-driven and not a personality-driven. This reduces the dependence on individual players and puts your company in high growth. 
  4. Features like Automated Call logging, Single Click meetings, visits, and task entry, Alert Notifications, and Reminders important follow-ups, Templates for SMS/Email and WhatsApp empowers your team and enables you to coordinate things easily. 
In technology, you can make money in only two scenarios. One, when the technology is new and Two, when it is very old. CRM is currently a very new concept for India and picking up very fast. 
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Getting ready for the next Big Market Opportunity.The CRM

  1. The CRM market in India is growing at a very fast pace. Also, there are a lot of other opportunities.
  2. Fortunately, the customer base of Tally Partners partners is the most potential customer base for CRM solutions. 
  3. Selling CRM however, becomes difficult if you are not using it. You can’t go and confidently tell your customer that CRM is useful for them if you are not using it. 
  4. When you and your team are using CRM, selling it becomes easy, very easy. Enjay offers Best CRM for Indian Companies. 
The next revolution will be customer service, The Journey towards excellence in customer service cannot be achieved without the help of technology. 
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Bring organizational efficiency

  1. Since the market potential for Tally related services is huge, so is the competition.
  2. Without the use of technology and automation, it is not possible to achieve organizational efficiency
  3. Even Investors find companies with CRM Software implemented to be more lucrative. 
If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die. – Warren Buffet. The same is true for Companies. Fortunately, recurring revenue is the answer to this.
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Optimize revenue from subscriptions AMC and contracts

  1. A large portion of revenue for tally partners is coming from the renewal business.
  2. In order to successfully maintain and increase that if the proper process and software automation is required.
  3. Good CRM with contract management and subscription management will help you achieve that.


CRM will not only bring efficiency in the business and increase the revenue but also open up a big opportunity to be a player in the CRM market. I don’t think that Tally Partners should miss this.

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