Free Cross Selling Tool

Free Cross Selling Tool That Works

Double your Sales with a Free Cross Selling Tool based on Google Sheets

How This Google Sheet Will Help You Double Your Sales

Four simple steps and Results are Guaranteed

Step - 1

Download Google Sheet Template

Download the Free template, fill up the form and receive the Google Sheet in Email.

Step - 2

Add Your Existing Customers

Importing the Customers saves time, but kills the purpose. Instead add your customers Manually, one at a time.

Step - 3

Stage for Customer/Product

For each customer, select the product-wise status. Take time to think over and discuss this.

Step - 4

Regular Review for best results

Cross Selling is a regular process and not a project. Weekly reviews help get best results.

Track the status of Cross Sales for every customer

Identify the status of each product offering to individual customers, increase sales leads and improve sales funnel

Not Pitched
Requirement identified, but The product is not yet pitched to the Customer.
Not Required
Pitching done but, Customer doesn’t need the product.
Customer is already using the product and would require more.
In Progress
The Opportunity for product is already in progress.
Product already sold to the Customer and no more could be sold.

Return on Investment is Out, Return on Efforts is In.

Cross Selling complementary products has better return on Efforts. This free tool helps you to implement Cross-selling practice in your organisation, with minimum effort.

Increase your Sales

More Enquiries More Sales. Selling to existing Customer is easy.

Lower Sales Cost

Leads for Free, Faster Sales Cycle, reduces cost of Sales.

Get more leads, free

Qualified Leads from existing customers, Fast and easy.

Absolutely free

No hidden costs. This tool is absolutely free for use in Business.

Perfectly suitable for Teams

This tool can be easily used for upto teams of 25 sales executives.

Helps Sales Reviews also

Best tool for weekly reviews of Sales Team for Cross Selling.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Increased Customer engagement Improves Customer Satisfaction.

Completely transparent

One Sheet shows you all, Products, Salesman, Customer etc.

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