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CRM Implementation process and Role of both the team [Video]

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How to make your CRM Implementation Plan succeed?

Most of CRM Implementation fails because CRM Planning and Implementation are either absent or not in line. How to implement CRM Software has always been an unanswered question, especially for first time CRM Implementers. Enjay is one of the best CRM Implementation companies. In this article, I am sharing the best practices in CRM Implementation. More importantly how Enjay helps its Clients to succeed in CRM Implementation.

People give serious attention to CRM project before buying, unfortunately as soon as they buy, this attention vanishes, which is dangerous.

Why CRM Planning and Implementation go hand in Hand?

You cannot have successful CRM implementation without having proper planning for the same. If you think you don’t need to plan CRM Implementation, then your organisation is not yet ready for CRM.

  • It’s not Excel or outlook. It’s different.
  • More than technology its matter of Culture and Change Management.
  1. CRM Implementation has a much long-term effect on the organisation.
  2. Any CRM system will be as capable as the CRM strategy designed and implemented by CRM Implementation Company and the Client.

Enjay or any other CRM Implementation Company, can only guide or help you to implement the CRM, But it is the organisation who actually implements the CRM.

Process of Implementation of CRM

The process to implement CRM or Customer Relationship Management involves two Teams and role of each side is critical. The Implementation work also depends a lot on the scope of work agreed. Many times if the Client has already been using some other CRM for a long time, then they require a lot less hand-holding.  

Activity CRM Implementation Company Role of Client Organisation
Designate Person-in-charge for smooth single-window communication Appoint CRM Expert for Project Management, from CRM company side.   Appoint CRM Admin (or CRM Manager) from the Client side.
Discuss the scope of work and expectation from CRM Implementation. Both the sides are equally involved. Both the teams are equally concerned.
Understanding of CRM Platform capabilities for CRM Admin. Arrange for a detailed walkthrough demonstrating the capabilities of the solution. Attend the demo and note down points that are useful for them.
Aligning CRM software with Business Process. Modify the fields, Labels, in CRM Solution to match the Business Process. Provide detailed Processes, current and expected.
Install Mobile App for all the users Enjay will provide you App links and Training to get started Get initial steps going, (the most important part)
User Management with Proper roles, Groups and Permissions. Create users, Define permissions, roles and hierarchy Provide details of users, organisational structure and Module and field-level permissions.
Import Existing Customer Data into CRM. Provide Templates for Data import. Guide on how to collect and clean existing data for Import.   Gather actual data in Excel or CSV files and provide to Enjay.
Training for user Adoption. Arrange for Online (or onsite, as agreed) Training for CRM users, CRM Admins and Business Managers and owners. Actively participate in the training and then execute it.
Email and SMS Configuration and Integration. Explain and help CRM Admin to configure Email and SMS Gateway. Includes Enjay OutMails. Learn from Enjay’s Team and actively do the email configuration and SMS Integration.
Templates for SMS, Email, WhatsApp Create the templates and provide Training to CRM Admin team regarding the same. Provide the content for the templates and Business process regarding the same.
Driving User Adoption. Provide Training and Support as and when required. Implement proper policy and supervision processes, so that User adoption is driven properly.
Website Integration. Provide the script and guide on how to integrate website forms with CRM (for lead capture). Actually get it done from your webmasters.
Project reporting, communication and analysis. Share the weekly progress on Email and WhatsApp Group. Act on that reports and take corrective actions.

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The 3P Report

To make the entire process smooth, we submit our unique 3P Report for both the parties. We have found that our Customers find it extremely useful to monitor their CRM Implementation. Here are the details of the 3P Report.

Weekly 3P report helps both the sides to track the CRM Implementation process very closely and fill up the gaps.
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  • Progress
    What has moved since the last report?
  • Pending
    • From Enjay’s side.
      Things which were supposed to be completed but are still pending. These are overdue todo from Enjay’s side.
    • From the Client’s side.
      Items were pending from the Client’s side.
  • Problem
    Some hindrance or problem that is faced and things are not moving ahead.
  • Completed.
    Tasks which are completed and acknowledged by both the parties.

CRM Implementation WhatsApp Group

Over the years, we have figured out that having a WhatsApp group with Seniors from both the sides, drives the CRM Implementation very fast.

CRM Implemetation WhatsApp Group, helps to have a real time communication across the teams. It is a Game Changer, for sure.
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At Enjay, once the Client Sign up process is done, we create a WhatsApp Group, which has following team members from both the organisations.

  1. Enjay’s CEO
  2. CRM Expert from Enjay.
  3. Enjay’s CRM VP – product head.
  4. CRM Admin(s) from Client’s side.
  5. All the members from Client Side. If there are more than 250, then ignore the most Junior team members, include the senior ones first.

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Why Enjay is one of the best CRM Implementation Companies?

Firstly, CRM is not a product for Enjay. Enjay CRM was developed to manage Enjay’s Business. (FYI, Enjay is one of the Pioneers in Thin Client Technology in India).
Here are a few of the main reasons why Enjay is the best CRM Implementation Company.

  1. We have been providing CRM Implementation Services since 2009.
  2. Enjay is using CRM extensively since 2004. Obviously, we know where it hurts.
  3. A dedicated team of functional and Technical Experts to help our clients to get most out of CRM.
  4. A unique way of implementation which involves a single CRM Implementation Template to help streamline the entire process.
  5. WhatsApp group for communication sets the goal and progress very clear in the minds of everyone involved. 
  6. A very informative Weekly 3P report to report Progress, Problem and Pending things.
  7. Support through Multiple Channels:
    • Email
    • Customer Support Portal.
    • Support App.
    • Chat facility from inside Web App and Mobile Apps.
    • WhatsApp number for Support.
  8. Short and practical Video tutorials for self-help.


Enjay understands the pain of CRM Implementation, not because we have been selling this for last 9 years but we have been using it for last 14 years.

Importance of CRM Admin 

CRM Admin is the person from the Client’s Team who is one person in charge of the entire implementation. CRM admin may have other team members to assist him/her, But CRM Admin is the final responsible person for the whole of the CRM Implementation.
Here is a detailed article about the Qualifications, Roles and Responsibilities of CRM Admin.

Reasons for Avoidable Delay in CRM Implementation.

Only 8% of CRM Implementation fail due to Technology reasons. Most of the time its because due importance not being given by the Client’s Team. Here are some avoidable delays in CRM Implementations.

Most of the delays in CRM Implementation are because of wrong decisions and lack of discipline. We guide you how to avoid them.
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  1. Attempting a very ambitious strategy without preparation.
    • This is observed primarily in smaller organisations who implement CRM for the first time.
    • They want to change their entire work culture with a simple CRM software, without preparing correctly for change management.
    • They want to implement processes like an Enterprise has, but are not ready to spend like an Enterprise regarding Training, Planning, and Consultancy.
  2. Import of Existing Data
    • Most of the time customers don’t have properly formatted, clean, correct and complete data about their customers.
    • What they might have is Data in Tally or their old excel sheets, which is not relevant.
    • In CRM, we need contact details of Real People, whereas your Tally has Contact details which are incomplete.
    • Data in Excel sheets are generally very poorly formatted.
    • Generally, No one in the Client organisation can take time and clean the data, get numbers and email IDs in a valid format (or at least no one wants to do it).
    • As a result, we get the wrong CRM data, wrongly formatted CRM data.
    • This causes enormous to-and-fro of CRM Data and subsequent delays.
  3. No Well defined process.
    • This is one of the most significant problems.
    • No need for well-written processes, but at least the Team should have some procedures.
    • This is generally found missing.
    • The problem arises, when with CRM software comes, lots of predefined processes and the Team doesn’t comply.
  4. Not serious about the Training.
    • Everybody thinks that since they are operating facebook and Whatsapp they know how to operate Web and Mobile and as a result, they don’t take Training Seriously.
    • People don’t attend the training or even worse, they attend the training but are mentally lost somewhere.
    • The more significant problem arises when Bosses and Team leaders don’t attend the Training. This is when Employees think that this is not very important.

      If Boss is also present in the training then the seriousness of Employees increases significantly. 

  5. Boss is not participating.
    • The Biggest problem. Bosses or the owners think that Jr Team needs to use the Platform and then keep themselves aloof.
    • But, Boss has to see the reports. So he better understand how the entire system works.
  6. Lack of discipline in Team members.
    • Most commonly found in all Indian businesses.
    • We have seen bosses, who complained to us that their team members would not listen to them.
    • Now, this is an HR problem, and there cannot be a technology solution to HR Problem.
  7. Appointing the wrong person as CRM Admin.

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