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Why Bosses and Team Leaders should learn to create and analyse CRM Reports (Video)

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It’s a general practice that bosses don’t make reports.  Someone else makes it, and then bosses check it. Nothing can be more wrong than this. 

When bosses get reports in print-out or Spreadsheet, the One most important thing that they miss is that they can’t play the game of What-if analysis. They are almost analysing static data in the report which they received. This cannot work in modern times. 

There are three reasons why Bosses and team leaders should know how to play with the CRM reports. Let us discuss them one by one. 

Historical reason.

But how did bosses and team leaders get this idea or habit of getting reports on email?

In the olden days, the software was not “connected”. Most of the software did not have the capability of real-time reporting or dashboards. 

Even user-defined reports were almost unheard.

So, back then, it was OK for the Bosses and Managers to get reports created by someone else, and then they analyse them. 

But now, everything has changed. Now reports are available in real-time. Also, all modern CRM platforms provide reporting capabilities on the mobile device itself. 

I don’t think the Bosses and Managers can afford to be left out, just because they had an old habit. 

Back in the old days, CRM software was not online, not connected. CRM did not have the capability of real-time. But now, all CRM platforms have reports and dashboards  (Even on Mobile). 

Technical reason

In the initial days creating a report usually meant writing queries, which only technical people do. But now, all the report creation is simple drag and drop. 

It does not require any kind of technical or programming knowledge. 

Unfortunately, most bosses or team leaders don’t even try to understand how the reports are created. 

Nowadays, creating a CRM report does not require any technical or programming skills. It’s just drag and drop. Anyone with basic computer knowledge can create and analyse CRM reports. 

Business Reason

We may debate on whether bosses and team leaders have technical skills or not. But one thing is very sure that all the team leaders do have analytical skills. 

Also, they have a much deeper understanding of the business functions they are heading. This means that they can make much better meanings out of the numbers that they see. 

If they create and modify the reports (even basic things like filters, fields and groupings), they will analyse things dynamically, making a huge difference. 

As a boss, when you read reports created by your Technical team, you are partly relying on their analytical skills, which can be disastrous. Of course, as a boss, you understand the business better. Creating CRM reports is not difficult. 

How can Sangam CRM help?

CRM Report Templates

We understand that it can be difficult to create reports from scratch. But what if we give you templates which you can modify. Just change the fields, filters and groupings based on what you want to analyse. 

CRM Report Training

We conduct regular training sessions for bosses and team leaders on how to check out reports. These training sessions are not just technical training sessions, but we discuss the business problem first and then discuss how to analyse the same using CRM report.

CRM Report Videos

Short training videos are the best way to learn CRM reports. Give it a try. 


Unless you are a Chairman of a multinational company or top leader of a 250+ people company, I strongly recommend that you learn CRM reports. It will change the perspective. You may not create the entire report on your own, but just sit with the technical person and observe what they do.

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