Sales management is all about the exchange of experience and information (Video)


We can debate whether Sales is an Art or Science, But Sales Management is definitely pure science. It is based on data, analysis, strategy and execution. 

In most Small businesses, owners or founders will only act as Sales Managers. They have to hire, train and also manage their sales team. 

Sales management can be often overwhelming and confusing as there are many theories and best practices for Sales Managers. 

It becomes more complicated when we try to emulate best practices that are actually meant for larger organisations that are much more mature. 

Most common is the trap of target v/s achieved. Nothing can be more wrong than this, especially for a smaller organisation.  

Can this be simplified? Yes, of course. 

The sales team has lots of information.

Since your sales people meet and interact with the customers, they have lots of information about the customers and other market conditions. 

They have seen customer’s office, heard their requirements. They know the challenges and even nature of the people. Your sales team members also know how your customer reacted to the quotation. 

Sales managers have lots of experience and knowledge. 

As a Boss or sales manager, you have lots of experience and knowledge, obviously because you have been doing things for a much longer time. 

You even might be knowing many clients and prospects personally. You also have experience in customer qualification and obviously in handling customer objections. 

Over and above, you have vast experience in Negotiations. 

Exchanging information and experience. 

Information without experience is useless. And vice-versa. 

For any sales team to succeed, the exchange of information and experience has to happen. It has to happen frequently and in detail. 

Your sales team has lots of information, and as a boss or sales manager, you have lots of experience and knowledge. Are you using their input and sharing your experience? 

Do you also discuss only Targets with your team?

Most sales managers and bosses don’t want to get into the details of what their sales team is handling. They just discuss the target v/s achieved. They don’t discuss activities done by the sales team. 

Even if they discuss, they will discuss more on visits, calls and conveyance vouchers submitted. 

Discuss at least 30% of the deals your salesperson is handling. Go deeper. Your salesperson might be meeting daily 3-4 customers. Discuss at least 1 of the meeting in detail.  

How does “Owner Notification Feature” in Sangam CRM help you in this?

Sangam CRM allows the salesperson to enter their short comments on enquiries and opportunities after every activity like Call or a meeting. Here the salesperson is transferring his information to the CRM. 

These comments are visible to the Sales Manager. Now sales manager can analyse and comment on those comments. 

Here is the real trick, when the sales manager comments, an email is sent to the salesperson informing about the same. Also, the content of the comment is included in the email. 

Benefits of Owner notification feature

  1. The salesperson knows that the manager has commented. He will take it seriously. It is a great help and learning for them. 
  2. The sales manager is updated about the strengths and weaknesses of the sales team.
  3. The sales manager can identify performers and pretenders.

Limesh Parekh

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