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Insight Business Machines uses Enjay Synapse for handling calls

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Mumbai based Insight Business Machines, is a major System Integrator with 18 branches nationwide, and more than 180 users spread across entire Nation. Insight is Microsoft shop they have all microsoft technology used for production includes Active director, MS exchange, MS Lyncs, MS Sharepoint, MS CRM, MS ERP, MS office and MS SQL on database.  PBX is from NEC at head office which is analog/digital combination. Insight Business Machines uses Enjay Synapse for handling calls with  branch to branch connectivity and increased customer satisfaction.

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They had challenge in monitoring TELE callers who are typically calling customer for finding opportunity. They were evaluating some of  high end telephony solutions for our office. Just then they came across Enjay Synapse for one of their clients, and  found that it fits 100% of their requirement, that too at a fraction of a cost.

Solution Highlights

  1. Enjay Synapse deployed at their HO in Mumbai.
  2. Their NEC PBX is integrated with Enjay Synapse.
  3. 18 branches across 18 states connected using Enjay Synapse, with nearly 180 users across Nation.
  4. Call recording improved efficiency by monitoring and auditing calls, with daily reports.

Client Speaks

Gunjan Shah, Insight Business MachinesMr Gunjan Shah, Director Insight Business Machines says “We have deployed Enjay Synapse solution, now our entire voice is shifted now on Enjay Synapse. We do recording of customer care, customer follow up. Recovery team , Tele callers and Procurement Team which are primarily connected to customers and partners. So now we get daily report from extension wise , we do quality check by listening recorded calls and enhance our communication to external world, and its integrated to Microsoft CRM which having its own business benefits Last but not least my exiting NEC users are also integrated to the same, I can now talk to my 200+ users PAN India at no extra cost!! I can be at home and start accepting all incoming calls and start my day from any location.”
“We completed Placing of order to installation in 8 flat days. Its Simple and straight to point approach we have seen with Enjay.  As i have mentioned earlier we evaluated all higher end BRAND and we got solution in 1/4th the cost !!! but not compromising the features and quality. As far as support goes, We followed thier matrix which is available on proposal and website and so far we have not came across any concern.” adds Mr. Shah.
“Three things that I liked about Enjay is (1) Better product. (2) Better people to work with. (3) Great Customer experience. As i know Limesh from 12+ year and seeing growth which is remarkable, he had not changed while he was selling me ethernet card and now selling solution, still same.”

Get more details about Enjay Synapse

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