6 Ideas to Improve Sales Performance in Your Organization


Your sales team members are your on-ground warriors.

They’re the wheels that keep your business moving. Without sales, there is no business. And without business, there’s no accounts, operations, human resources, IT… there’s nothing.

Your sales team needs to be empowered to execute its tasks efficiently and effectively. We’ve already discussed ideas to improve sales performance that your sales team can carry out.

Here are six tactics and ideas to improve sales performance that your organization can apply.

1. Structure of the Organization

Your sales team needs support and resources to function correctly.

This could include preparing proposals, information about real-time stock availability, order completion in the specified timeframe, technical knowledge from engineers and other specialists, guidance from the sales manager, and so on.

The way organization functions have a lasting impact on how the sales team performs. Structuring your organization to ensure easy and timely access to such resources is integral to enhance sales performance.

2. Hire Effective Sales Staff

Your sales team’s quality dictates the burden that your support teams endure.

If you hire mediocre salespeople, the technical teams, operational staff, and sales managers will have to deal with multiple client engagements, unrealistic deadlines, and poor sales performance management. They’ll spend more time fire-fighting than on their core tasks. But if you hire talented salespeople, all your teams will get timely information on what to do and enough bandwidth to carry them out.

Recruiting not only helps in sales performance but also market coverage. Having the right number of talented sales professionals is a recipe for the entire organization to be happy.

3. Train Your Sales Team

Hiring good salespeople and telling them to go out there and get sales is a bad idea.

Each person will function in his way, target customers he thinks fit, and push products easiest to sell. The result will be poor operational control, inaccurate sales projection numbers, and complete chaos overall.

When salespeople know what’s expected from them and how to do it, they work in an aligned manner. Training is the most effective means to achieve this and address gaps in salespeople’s product knowledge and skills, and enhance sales performance.

Training is one of the most important yet underrated aspects an organization can do to empower and improve sales performance.

4. Coach Your Salespeople

This is different from sales training because while training is done for the whole team together, coaching is often a one-on-one exercise.

Just training people is not enough to make them efficient at their tasks. People need feedback and coaching on fixing their capability gaps when it comes to knowledge about processes, products, and soft-skills. For the sales team, training instills common knowledge about the offering while coaching builds the salesperson’s abilities to achieve his goals according to his style.

Coaching is a highly valuable task for sales performance management and improvement. Unfortunately, it’s also time-consuming for managers. That’s why a lot of leaders avoid this task. And this is one of the biggest blunders that sales managers and leaders can commit.

5. Equip Salespeople with the Right Tools

Tools are part of the resources salespeople need to function effectively.

These tools include CRM software, sales presentations, proposal templates, communication devices, relevant documents, and more. By leveraging such tools, salespeople can speed up their market coverage and communication with prospects and achieve the expected results faster.

Studies show that organizations that equip their salespeople with relevant tools witness consistency in the execution of sales activities throughout the organization. For a result like this, don’t you think that an investment in such tools is worth it?

6. Assess the SalesForce

How can leaders gauge the effectiveness of the sales team if they don’t monitor sales performance?

Conducting periodic reviews is an effective way of monitoring sales performance. When leaders conduct reviews on the sales pipeline, the potential of a prospect, the stage where the prospect is in the pipeline, and help that the salesperson needs, they can take necessary action to improve outcomes in real-time.

There are many tools and methods to conduct sales reviews. Leaders can use a combination of such tools to monitor sales performance and make the sales process more effective . Assessing the capability and performance of the sales force has a cascading impact on how other support activities get done.

Summing Up

As you must have noticed, the ideas to improve sales performance mentioned above are insights into how processes within the organization should function.

By neatly aligning your departments, you enable activities to be carried out faster and with less effort, and set the stage for your business to scale to the next level.

Which ideas would you suggest to enhance sales performance? Do leave a comment. We would love to hear from you.

Limesh Parekh

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