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Your Corporate and Secured Voice Broadcast System

Are you still using a Hosted Voice broadcast system? Is it secured? How about your Inhouse Bulk Voice Calling system to send Automated Voice Messages to your Customers for Marketing, Feedbacks, Registrations, Confirmations etc.

Voice Broadcast System and Outward Multi party Conference

On-Premise, Not hosted

Enjay Voice Broadcast (EVB), an Add-on for Enjay Synapse is on Premise solution. Lower cost, Secured and private for your organisation. 


No need of dedicated Lines for Broadcast, choose your existing Lines to make outgoing Calls. Since it is your number, if customers call back, you get the call.

Flexible Call Distribution

Want just to broadcast some information, or take feedback. The System can even be configured to land calls to Agents if a user presses specific code.

Detailed Reporting

Know how many calls were picked up. How much time did the people listen to the call and what they responded? Call recording is also available.

Integrate with CRM

Capture the responses given by people directly into CRM with API based Integrations. Create a phone number list from CRM using CRM reports and import them to EVB.

Extremely simple usage

Create and select a campaign type. Upload Contacts in XLS format. Upload or record Audio file. Schedule or shoot immediately. That’s it; you are done.
Simplest Voice Broadcast System
You don’t need an Administrator to configure your Voice Broadcast System, you can do it your own time. Just FOUR SIMPLE STEPS.

Create a Campaign

Create a Campaign by giving it a name. Select the type of Campaign, Basic or Advanced. Also, select no of retries.

Upload Contacts

Upload contacts in MS Excel in the format of template provided. There is no limit on numbers to be imported.

Upload Audio

Upload a pre-recorded Audio in standard WAV format. Or record it in realtime over Synapse Extension.

Schedule Campaign

Run it immediately or schedule a time. Also select the time slot, during which only the calls should be made.

Examples of the use of Bulk Voice Call
Bulk Voice Call application can be used for anything that you can imagine, but here are some sample scenarios. Our Clients are already using it for these cases.

New Release

Inform your customers about your new product release or some other service launch.

Service Reminders

Remind your customers about their Service due (e.g. Automobile Service)

Feedback Call

Take automated feedback call after the Support or service is provided.

Event Reminder

Give reminders to your event attendees regarding venue and timing.


Payment and delivery confirmations with your Customers using voice.

Special Case

Bank informs their Customers when their Cheque is about to bounce.
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