Receivable Management Solution for Enjay CRM

Receivable Management Solution for Enjay's Sangam CRM

A Single solution for Payment Follow up, Cash Flow Projection, and Outstanding Receivable Management.
Does the collection of outstanding prove difficult for your team? You are not alone. Managing accounts receivable is a challenge for many Small Business Organisations.

Presenting the Most Effective Way to Solve this Challenge The


The combination of Enjay’s CRM and Tally ERP provide benefits of an Integrated solution known as Receivable Management Solution for the payment follow up of overdue payments.

Payment Followup

Remind your clients about outstanding payments through phone calls or Email, SMS or WhatsApp.

Predict Cash Flow

Analyze Accounts Receivables date- and- person wise. Get visibility of short-term projected cash-flow in CRM.

Receivable Management

No need to toggle between Tally and Enjay’s Sangam CRM. The system works from within the CRM on mobile app and browser.

Useful Analytics

Flexible and powerful reporting of Enjay’s Sangam CRM provides you with all the standard and custom reports for analysis purpose.

Mobile Dashboards

Your Tally ERP is connected to Enjay’s Sangam CRM which has a Mobile App. Manage your receivables from your mobile device.

Real-time Data Sync

Get access to real-time data from your Tally ERP and stay updated with information with a single click on your mobile.

Automate Reminders

Automate sending payment reminder emails to your customers based on due dates of unpaid invoices and amounts.

Payment Followup

Call your customers with a single click to remind them about payment. Enjay. CRM keeps a log of all your follow-ups and actions.

Challenges of managing Accounts Receivable in Tally ERP

Tally ERP keeps a record of receivables and does not manage the process of recovery.

  • Tally stores due dates but not the actual receivables date.
  • Cannot measure efforts put in collecting the outstanding amount.
  • Cannot project short-term cash flow based on expected receivable dates.
  • Cannot get salesperson- or date-wise receivable report.

How the Receivable Management Solution (RMS) for Enjay's Sangam CRM works

RMS is an Enjay’s Sangam CRM addon that integrates with Tally. Since it has a mobile app and also syncs with Tally, it’s like having a mobile app for Tally to keep you updated on the go.

Setting up is simple. Just a few clicks:

  • From CRM Admin Panel, Connect to Tally ERP and Select Company.
  • Link Tally Ledges and CRM Companies
  • Sync Closing balance between Tally and CRM
  • PDF of Entire Ledger and Bill-by-bill Balance are automatically stored in CRM.
  • In CRM mention Next Expected Receivable Amount.
  • Enter the Next Expected Receivable Date in CRM.

Now you’re all set to start payment follow-ups using your mobile CRM app.

Cash Flow Forecasts

While your accounting software gives you forecasts based on due dates. CRM can give you forecasts based on Realistic Expected receivable dates. Since the Payment Collection data is already in CRM, Short Term Cash Flow projections can be done from CRM itself.

  • Amount Receivable in next 7/30 days.
  • Day wise amount receivable.
  • Sales Person wise amount receivable
  • City wise / Client wise amount receivable.
  • Reminders on Mobile in CRM App.

Tally on Mobile with a Twist

Your Accounts Receivable data from Tally ERP is available in CRM, including Closing Balance, Complete Ledger Acount (PDF) and also Bill-by-Bill Details (PDF). CRM also has a mobile Application, which has special dashboards and reports for Receivable Management on Mobile App. This in a way means that you are able to manage your Tally from your Mobile Device. Exciting, isn’t it?

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