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The Most Reliable Real Estate CRM in India

Streamline sales and marketing and shorten your sales cycle

Why Use Enjay's Real Estate CRM?

Proven Track Record

20 years in helping businesses increase efficiency.

Adding Value

400+ delighted CRM customers witnessing business improvement

127% Improvement

Leads conversion ratio reported by real estate developers.

What You Get?

Integrated telephony module

Monitor your agents’ quality and efficiency. Track all calls they make and receive real time and get high-quality recordings of calls.

End-to-End Management

Automate and track the entire customer life cycle from collecting leads from various third-party platforms to signing the agreement and recoveries.

Intuitive Mobile App

Get real-time information on team performance, inventory, sales pipeline and more on your mobile phone. Stay updated about your company’s performance at all times.

Enhanced Data Security

Keep your data secure and safeguarded thanks to the triple-layered security our CRM offers.

In Depth Analytics

Get deep yet simplified insights into your customers, sales patterns, and follow-up statuses. Design campaigns accordingly to improve your return on investment.

Swift Support

Our skilled technical support team responds to your concerns swiftly during office hours and also outside them to ensure that your business is never affected.

Useful Features of Real Estate CRM

Intuitive Dashboard

Get a thorough overview of your inventory and pipeline in a single view. Filter your dashboard for relevant information in one of two ways:

  • Inventory-wise: flats in a specific property sold versus unsold
  • Revenue-wise: sales closed versus sales in the pipeline.

Sync Inquiries Easily

Sync inquiries from the following platforms with minimal effort:

  • Prominent real estate marketplaces like 99Acres, Common Floor, Housing, Quickr, Roof&Floor, JustDial, IndiaMart and TradeIndia.
  • Your website and landing pages, social media, YouTube ads, and search engine ads. Traditional media advertisements like TV, newspaper, magazines, and hoardings.

Classify all Leads

Your team members get notified when leads get assigned to them. They can tag leads by relevance, quality, status, location preference, budget, and more. You can monitor the life cycle of each lead and analyse the most relevant platforms that provide qualified leads, thus improving your productivity and return on investment of your advertising spend.

Track Sales Team Performance

The CRM integrates seamlessly with multiple communication channels like WhatsApp, phone, SMS, and Email. Every communication your team has with leads gets captured in the CRM. You can pull it up at your convenience to monitor sales team performance, for training, and other activities. The CRM also enables your sales team to set reminders for follow-ups and close deals quicker.

Mobile Ready

Access the dashboards, reports and everything on your mobile device. This means you can:

  • Stayed informed in on your sales team’s performance, inventory, and pipeline
  • Get real-time data anywhere on the go using the mobile-friendly CRM software.
  • Take quick action whenever needed to improve employee productivity.

Our Clients Currently Using Enjay CRM for Real Estate

Manages the Entire Process of Real Estate CRM Software


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