An IVR system which brings smiles to your customers & enriches their experience.

Power your Onsite IVR Contact Center with Enjay Synapse, an IVR System which can be used for marketing, Customer Experience. IVR Technology for Inbound and Outbound.

Why Choose Enjay Synapse as your IVR System?

Inbound and Outbound IVR

Enjay Synapse supports both Inbound and Outbound IVR (i.e. IVR on Inbound Calls and outbound Calls). Outbound is automated Call which plays an IVR.

Simple, Advanced & Custom IVR

Simple, single Step IVR, multi-level IVR, Advance IVR, Custom IVR. Enjay Synapse Works with pre recorded Audio Files or Text to speech ivr applications.

Dashboard Real Time Reporting

Get all the vital statistics of your IVR System on the Dashboard. Live Agents, (Free, busy, on break), Abandoned Calls, Missed Calls etc.

Integrated CRM

Enjay Synapse comes with [optional] Integrated CRM, with a customisable Call Popup, which shows all the information of Caller to the Live Agent.

Complete Solution

Enjay Synapse is not only IVR but the complete solution with CTI, Call recording, Call Popup, Automatic Call distribution and of course Integrated CRM.

Onsite IVR Solution

Onsite IVR System is more flexible, economical and customisable as compared to Cloud IVR system. Comes as a device or OS for your IVR Server.

Why Choose Enjay Synapse as your IVR System?

How IVR System in Enjay Synapse works?

Enjay Synapse IVR System which can be used to handle large call volumes or even make automatic calls. Traditionally, IVRs works on DTMF signalling (using telephone keypad) and IVR Voice prompt which is a pre-recorded voice. However next-generation voice response systems include automated speech recognition for better customer service. IVR drastically reduces the load on Live Agent. Enjay Synapse IVR is compatible with all types of phone systems. Click here to know what is IVR.

Why Choose Enjay Synapse as your IVR System?

Inbound Support

Inbound IVR is used to handle large volumes of incoming calls. The main intention is to do effective call distribution and if possible provide solutions to the caller by IVR system, by itself. This can be achieved using many techniques like single or Multiple level IVR systems or through System Integration. Generally used for handling Sales or Customer Support.

Outbound Support

Outbound IVR is used to do automated outbound calling in large volumes. Here the list of callers is uploaded to the IVR system and audio file to be played, then IVR prompts are programmed. Generally used for Updating customers or reminding them Example: you get a reminder call for car service or Insurance premium.

Cloud IVR System VS Onsite IVR System

Enjay Synapse is an onsite IVR System, which has distinct advantages over a conventional Cloud-based IVR system. The Lower costs of operations are the biggest advantage. Here is a small video which explains you the benefits of the Enjay Synapse IVR Solutions.

Predict Caller Intent by Integrated CRM.

When the call lands on Live Agent’s Desktop, it shows a Call Popup. This popup contains entire history and other important parameters of the Caller. This kind of enables the Agent to predict the caller intent. For example:
  1. If there is a recent purchase then the call might be for Support.
  2. In case you see two pending support cases for a longer period, then this might be an escalation.
The Call Popup in the integrated CRM (customer relationship management) can be customised as per requirement of the business process.

Simple, Advanced, and Custom IVR Systems

Simple Single Level IVR

Caller Calls an audio file is played and caller gives Input using DTMF codes. IVR system then routes the call according to the system programming. Enjay Synapse provides a GUI to create and manage Simple and Single Level IVR.

Advanced Multi Level IVR

You may consider multi-level IVR as IVR within IVR system. It is not only more complex and much more useful and effective. Useful for call distribution for a much larger Team. Enjay Synapse provides a GUI to create and manage Simple and Single Level IVR.

Custom IVR

Optimise your call distribution mechanism by using your CRM data to make decisions and providing required information/action to your customers. Enjay Synapse can be quickly customised to create Custom IVR with integrated CRM and a secured API.

Types of Interactive Voice Response in Enjay Synapse

IVR Software Use Cases

Enjay Synapse is a highly customisable IVR System, which can be used for any kind of application. Imagination is a limitation. Here are few examples of IVR use cases.

  1. Automated Call distribution based on IVR Selection by Caller.
    Example: Department/Team wise Call distribution.
  2. Intelligent Call routing, based on Caller Line Identification.
    Example: Premium Customers to an elite team and other callers to general Agents.
  3. Call routing based on CRM parameters and API Integrations.
    Example: Fetching Customer Info from CRM and Customer Account balance from ERP and showing in Call Popup.

Integrated IVR Solution with Voice, Chat, SMS, Email and WhatsApp.

IVR System in Enjay Synapse is a small component of a larger system, which can be used to create complete Digital Customer Experience by using multi-channel communication. Enjay Synapse + Enjay’s Sangam CRM gives you everything you would require for this, e.g.: Call Popup, Chat/Email/SMS/WhatsApp Integrations, combine this with CRM workflows and automatic notification capabilities.

No doubt Enjay is the first choice of the customer when it comes to creating Contact Centers @ affordable prices.

IVR Recording Software

Enjay Synapse has the capability to not only record all your voice calls but also record all the actions on IVR system done by the caller. This helps you to get reporting on abandoned Calls, missed calls. The benefit of IVR recording software is that it helps you to improve the efficiency of Call Center Agents as well as entire IVR System.

Enjay Synapse IVR reports helps you to optimise your IVR System, by observing where do most of the callers drop or abandon the communication.

No doubt Enjay is the first choice of the customer when it comes to creating Contact Centers @ affordable prices.

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