Best IP PBX System with powerful and customisable IP PBX Software for your organisation

Enjay Synapse IP PBX System with IVRS, Call Recording, Auto Calling System, CTI and Auto Call Distribution.

IP PBX or IPBX is one thing you will need in this converged world. Traditional phone systems or traditional PBX phone systems offer you basic telephony like making phone calls, whereas IP PBX supports IVR, Call recording, Enjay Synapse is an IP PBX Phone System powered by time-tested IP PBX Software used by more than 400 Happy Customers.

Enjay Synapse IP PBX supports all kinds of telephone lines, like PRI lines, PSTN (regular PSTN lines), GSM (Mobile SIM Cards). Enjay Synapse can be used as a VoIP PBX since it supports all types of VoIP gateways.

The biggest difference between traditional EPABX and IP PBX is that the traditional EPABX is 95% Hardware and 5% firmware, whereas IP PBX is 20% Hardware and 80% PBX software. This is the reason IP PBX systems are much more flexible and versatile as compared to traditional EPABX Systems.

Why is Enjay Synapse Finest IP PBX and Call Center Software?

Computer Telephony Integration

Click to call, Call Popup, reporting, call logging etc. Telephony + Software makes more sense.

Interactive Voice

Inbound and outbound IVR to automate the Customer Service process and save time and resource.

Built in Automatic Call Recording

Synapse has built in Call Recording Option to record All calls or selected calls (external or internal calls).

ACDS - Automatic Call Distribution System

Calling features like Call routing based on groups, queues, skill-based routing or custom rules for distribution of calls.

Inbuilt Automatic Dialer - Predictive Dialer

Enjay Synapse support Manual Calling, Auto Calling, Progressive Calling or Predictive dialling.

Reporting Capabilities & Dashboard analytics

Prebuilt Dashboards, Reports, custom reports, Scheduled Email reports to help you drive your business.

Any IP PBX is as strong as its Reporting

Enjay Synapse has a browser interface for management. Reporting is one of the strongest USP. Reports can even be emailed automatically at a particular schedule. There are lots of pre-built reports and also custom reports possible. Example:​

  • Live Call Dashboard (supports Spy, Barge, Whisper etc)
  • Call Logs (with intuitive filter option).
  • Incoming/Outgoing call reports (held/missed/rejected).
  • Drill down reports.
  • Timeslot report. Hourly call distribution.
  • Intelligent Missed Call reporting mechanism.
  • Optional read-only access to Call Log Database is available which can be used to connect to any Third Party BI-Business Intelligence (or reporting) tool.

Why Choose Enjay Synapse IP PBX over Asterisk PBX System or asterisk software?

Asterisk Open Source PBX solution is one of the most popular PBX software available in the market, that too for free. However, as usual, there are many hidden costs when you go for a free, open source software. Asterisk System which runs Asterisk software is a solution which we can call “For Engineer by Engineer”, which means you cannot use fully it without spending money. Enjay Synapse can also be used as a soft pbx of virtual PBX which can run out of any Physical Server or virtual server.

Tested & Hardened

Feel secured, we have already done vulnerability tests and hardened the Operating System to make sure your PBX doesn’t get hacked.

Support & Consultancy

Enjay Synapse Solution comes with Support (regular 8×6 and 24×7) to ensure Business continuity and Technical Help.

Customisation and API

We provide customisation services to meet your requirements. We also provide you complete and secured API to connect to other software.

Additional Functionality

Enjay Synapse provides lots of functionality out of the box. No need to do complicated installations or configurations, It just works.

No hidden costs

Enjay Synapse is a complete package is itself, no surprises. You know exact cost of ownership, before buying the IP PBX System.

Proven Solution

Enjay Synapse IPBX is used by more than 400 Happy Customers across India and outside India also. Rock solid product and excellent Support.

Enjay Synapse IP PBX Add On's

Voice Broadcast

Also known as outbound IVR, where you upload a list of numbers and a sound file to be played. System automatically dials everybody and plays that file. You may also ask for user inputs.

Outward Conference

We just reversed Traditional Teleconference. Now System calls participants, you pick up and you join the conference. No remembering number or PIN.

Predictive Dialing

One of the most flexible and comprehensive predictive dialing solution available in market. Support Complex Call logic based on CRM data and Call events in real time.

API for Integration

No IP PBX can survive in isolation. Enjay Synapse API helps you to integrate it with any software platform. Comes with complete documentation, support and sample codes.

Complete Call Center Software - Others Provide CRM Integration, we provide integrated CRM

Enjay is probably the only IP PBX solution provider, who has an equally matured CRM that too a very tightly integrated with IP PBX. Here is a list of features of Enjay Call Center Software (featuring Enjay’s Sangam CRM & Enjay Synapse).

There are lots of pre-built reports and also custom reports possible. Example

  • Truly Unified solution with Calls, SMS, Email, WhatsApp, Chat and mobile integrated into CRM.
  • Supports inbound and outbound Call Center Software requirements.
  • Automatic Call Distribution for incoming Calls, based on various logics, including queues, groups, skill based or custom routing with API integration.
  • Options for Manual Dialling, Progressive Dialing and Predictive dialing, which can be managed and run from CRM itself.
  • Unlimited Campaigns, unlimited Queues, unlimited number of Agents, unlimited Number of reports, unlimited number of Custom fields, Unlimited number of Workflows.
  • Module level and field level security security for Access Control Levels.

Solving The Missed Call Puzzle​

For any organisation missed calls means loss of reputation. Enjay Synapse has a very innovative solution for handling missed calls. Here is how we do it.

  • Firstly, we make sure that you don’t miss any calls by providing you complete details of call distribution over the day so that you can plan your team accordingly.
  • Even after that if you miss any calls, Enjay Synapse can send you emails few times a day, so that you make callbacks accordingly.
  • The Missed Call report (Email) shows how many calls have been missed, how many called back and how many yet to call back. Synapse intelligently detects whether you have made a callback or not.
  • Suppose you schedule it 3 times a day (a) 3 hours after day start (b) 5 hours after day start © 30 minutes before day end.
  • This will make sure that at the End of the Day, there are no missed calls which have been unattended.
Feature list of Enjay Synapse as IP PBX Solution
  • API Integration
  • Music on Hold
  • Outward Conference
  • GSM / Analog Lines Support
  • Inward/Outward No Blocking
  • Auto Call Distribution (ACD)
  • Centralised Call Recording
  • Intelligent IVR
  • Integrated CRM
  • Contact Center Solutions
  • Voice Mail
  • Missed Call Alerts
  • Browser Based Management
  • Data Import/Export
  • Ring Groups / Call Queue
  • Softphone Support
  • Inbound / Outbound Calls
  • Customisable Reporting
  • Call Summary
  • Auto/manual Dial
  • Drill Down Reports
  • Voice Transcript Popup
  • DND Support
  • Work from Home
  • Live Call Monitoring
  • Spy / Barge / Whisper
  • Softphone (SIP) Support
  • Live Status
  • Scalable Architecture
  • Web click to Call
FAQ's of Enjay's IP PBX

Enjay Synapse can be used as both. It can also be used as a virtual PBX using voice over IP technology.

Enjay Synapse supports GSM, VoIP, SIP, lines apart from regular PSTN and PRI lines. Nowadays in market there is new trend of PRI over SIP (currently provided by TATA and BSNL in select area only), which is also supported on Enjay Synapse.

Yes, Enjay Synapse supports all kinds of IP PBX phones. Industry standard is SIP technology and Enjay Synapse supports SIP.

Yes of course, we provide secured, easy and efficient API, along with proper detailed documentation, Training and also sample code for integrating Enjay Synapse with your ERP or any other application on any platform.

Almost yes in all the cases, unless your PBX is really old. Generally any epabx bought after 2005 will be compatible with Enjay Synapse.

No Currently, Enjay Synapse is priced on per server basis. APIs, Add-ons, Customisation and implementation costs are extra.

Our Clients that are Using IP-PBX Solution
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