Education CRM

The Education CRM for all Your Needs

Turn your inquiries into students quickly
What Your Educational Institute Gets

Standard Database

Collect inquiries across various channels – social media, website, exhibitions and more – in a single repository.

Useful Mobile App

Give your team the convenience to handle their tasks on the go with our simple and easy-to-use mobile app.

Status Tracking

Stay updated with status of inquiries. Track interactions of calls, emails, WhatsApp messages, etc. and more.

Automated Alerts

Your team can set reminders to follow up with applicants and stay on top of things, thus increasing enrollments.


Collect and store feedback from applicants to improve your processes. Also capture referrals quickly and easily.

Intelligent Dashboard

Get clear insights on the progress of all metrics and use this data to plan on how to achieve your business goals

Information Repository

Store all important information like applicant details, actions pending and more, in one place.

Quick Technical Support

Our skilled technical team ensures that your business never get affected .

Benefits of Enjay's Sangam CRM for Your IT Company

Easy to Use Software

Users find it easy to understand and use Enjay’s Sangam CRM, even if they have never used a software before. That’s why our average adoption rate across companies is over 68%.

An Accountable Team

The education CRM system lets you view your team’s engagement with applicants across various channels. This means you can track your team’s productivity and improve it.


Analyze where your applicants are in the conversion journey and what can be done to speed things up. Thus, you can predict revenue at the end of the month and quarter more accurately.

A Delightful Experience

Delight applicants and their guardians with a professional experience, which sets the tone for faster conversion of applicants into enrollment and helps you achieve business goals faster.

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