CRM Login & Security

A Secure CRM From Login to Logout​

What happens after you log in to Enjay’s Sangam CRM? How do we take care of your CRM Data’s Safety and Security?

At Enjay, we prioritize CRM Security and Privacy. Our Data Centers, Servers, Firewalls, Application Code, SSL, App delivery, Browser or Mobile App, NDA legalities and more ensure that we have you covered.

How Safe is Your CRM Data?

We understand that this is the most critical question for you since your CRM will contain all your customer data and inquiries data as well. Compromised CRM data can put your business at risk. So we take extra steps to ensure safety of your data.

How we Secure WWW CRM Login

When you log into the CRM, the Browser first contacts your Instance of CRM App in our Data Center. This entire process is encrypted using SSL. As soon as the Application server identifies the username, it determines what permissions and rights it has. It then serves the Application to the user accordingly.

We also Cover Mobile CRM Login

On Mobile (iOS and Android) we have a secure Native app. Even here, your App communicates with the Application in Data Center using SSL encryption. Further, the layout and fields structure on mobile is controlled using your rights and permission. A critical component comes into play here, which is Mobile Layout.

3 Levels of Protection for Your CRM Data

Never lose your data to a disaster, an outsider, or even an unhappy employee.

From Data Loss and Disaster

Your business continuity depends on the availability of your CRM app and data. We ensure that your CRM is available with you always!

  • Enjay’s Sangam CRM Application and Data are hosted in secure data centers distributed in 3 locations across India.
  • Professionals manage the entire Infrastructure, Networking & Cyber Security.
  • Central Locations have built-in HA. Entire Infra replication to DR Sites which are at least 600 km apart.
  • Enjay’s Sangam CRM is not a monolithic SaaS but a secure Instance-based cloud App which means that your App instance is unique.
  • We regularly conduct VAPT Audit of our entire infrastructure, by authorized personnel.
  • We provide you with proper NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) and ensure that our entire team is aware of it.
  • Proper Infrastructure and Vendor SLA is the reason we can honour you with our SLA (Service Level Agreements).

Privacy from Outsiders with CRM Data Security

  • Enforced Password Policy.
  • Login Alerts for unauthorized or failed login attempts
  • OTP service to support usual username/password combination. [Optional]
  • Single sign on with Google sign-in. [Optional]
  • IEMI Locking and user name binding for Mobile Users [Optional]
  • IP locking, So that people from outside office cannot access Web CRM [Optional]
  • Restrict Mobile Users CRM login with Geo Fencing [Optional]
  • Restrict Login to CRM by user after Office Hours [Optional]

Hierarchical Access Controls with CRM Security Roles

  • Decide user to module access.
  • Control access to users based on field level.
  • Restrict access based on geography or verticals at record level.
  • Provide access to users based on their workflow stage.
  • Unlimited Organizational Hierarchy based access based on whom the user reports to.
  • User activity reporting to determine the records accessed by individual users.
  • Designated Admins can login as users allocated to them.
  • Separate layouts for web and mobile to manage what users see on mobile.
  • Screen time to determine which modules are being used by which users. [Optional]
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