Call Center Software Enjay

Authentic Call Center Software to Boost Your Call Center’s Efficiency and Effectiveness

An intelligent solution to address your call center’s pressing needs

Key Components of the Call Center Software


Equips you with features like Call Recording, IVR, Call Handling, Dashboards and Analytics, and more.

CRM Software

Lets you manage important tasks like Lead Generation, Sales & Support, and improves business efficiency.

API for Integration

Our software makes communication across your applications smoother and easier by integrating them.

Mobile Apps

Our apps increase productivity by keeping people updated with real-time information wherever they are.

Why Enjay Synapse is better alternative to Cloud IVR

Automate And Track Critical Functions Of Your Call Center

6 proven ways in which this software simplifies your call center business and increases its productivity
  • Save time of your customers and agents by providing a lot of information directly on the IVR.
  • Improve customer experience by routing calls by skills, product, criticality, and other logics.
  • Use options for progressive (manual) dialing and predictive (automated) dialing depending on your need.
  • Measure agent performance through real-time reports on call handled time, breaks, number of calls answered, and more.
  • Increase agent’s and leaders’ productivity through updated customer details and in-depth analysis of metrics through our CRM tool.
  • Improve business processes by analyzing data on customer issues collected from our seamless ticket management system.
Features of Enjay's Call Center Software

Inbound / Outbound Calls

Intelligent Call Routing

Email / SMS to Ticket

Work From home

DND Support

Intelligent IVR

Live Status

Web to Lead

Lead Capture

SLA Management

Work Flows

Call Blocking

Web click to Call

Missed Call Alerts

Monitor TAT


Best Suited for the Following Industries


Lead Managment, eKYC, Customer Support

Stock Brokers

Lead Management, Customer Onboarding, Relationships & Support

Financial Services

Loan Disbursements, Collections and Recovery

Travel & Hospitality

Integrated Solution for lead management and Customer Service


Integrated Solution for E-Commerce Portal and CRM + Call Center

Real Estate

Lead Capture and Sales process with integrated Call Center

Service Industry

Ticket Management with RMA, warranty, AMC, SLA, and Escalations

BPO & Outsourcing

Any Inbound/ outbound process with Auto Dallier and Call Distribution

Enjay Synapse Success Story

FAQ's of Enjay's Call Center Software

Yes, any of the above types of lines (or any combination ) Can be used with Enjay Synapse. Even one Synapse can have combination of above lines

Yes, Enjay Synapse (the Telephony Server) can be installed in VM. By default it comes as an appliance, but VM installation is also possible

Yes, We have special solution for mobile calling Teams, called Enjay Synapse Mobile. It allows Android phones as calling device at the same time giving you all the facilities of a call center solutions.

Yes, Import the file, allocate the data to agents according to your work requirements and they can start calling immediately. After calling is done you can also export reports in required formats

Yes, In fact Enjay Synapse solution is in-premise solution with cloud based CRM. There is total flexibility as far as deployment options are concerned

Yes, with Enjay Synapse Mobile all you need is laptop. Android phone and wifi and subscription to enjay call center solution that’s it. Your are good to go

Yes, entire solution is backed by rock solid easy, efficient and secured HTTP API, which can be used to tightly integrate this solution with any third party solution

Yes, Enjay Synapse Solutions is compatible with almost any EPBAX available in Market. The Integration of Synapse and EPBAX is done using PRI or IP

Yes, there are two ways to do it. Your can either use SIM Banks along with Enjay Synapse GSM Lines

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