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Zoho Phonebridge Integration with Enjay Synapse

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Enjay Synapse IP PBX is a complete telephony & call centre solution with inbound & outbound call handling, call recording, IVR, ACD, Predictive/Progressive dialing. Zoho phonebridge integration with Enjay Synapse enables click to call, call logging, screen pop up functionality from Zoho.

Integration Benefits

  • Click to Dial: Zoho User can make a call by clicking the button beside the contact number. It makes outbound calls process simpler. It helps agents to reach more prospects.

  • Screen Pop up: Screen Pop up on inbound & outbound calls display the information of the caller (eg. name, email address, lead status etc.) It helps to predict the customer’s intent before answering calls.

  • Call Logging: Inbound/Outbound/Missed calls log in Activity modules with call duration after each call.Calls automatically relates with Leads/Contacts.  

  • Create New Contact/Lead: Easily create new contact/lead from call pop up for new customers.

  • Follow up: Agents can create new tasks, calls or events as a follow up after every call.

  • Call Notes: Agents can write short descriptions about calls from call pop up.


  • Enjay Synapse Server 
  • Zoho administrator account access

Zoho Phonebridge Integration Setup in Enjay Synapse

There are 4 steps to enable integration.

  1. Authorize zoho phonebridge on Enjay Synapse

  2. Enable Phonebridge Integration

  3. Enable Click to Dial 

  4. Zoho Phonebridge functionality 

Step 1 - Authorize zoho phonebridge on Enjay Synapse

  • Login to Enjay Synapse Server & Click on Zoho phonebridge 

  • Click on Zoho Authorization

  • Select appropriate DC

  • Click on Authorize Me.

  • Login to your zoho account with username & password.

  • Accept the integration permissions.
  • After successful verification and authorization,click on “Generate Access Token” to generate access token.

Step 2 - Enable Phonebridge Integration

  • Click on Zoho Integration & Enable Integration.
  • Phonebridge Integration Status shows as Enable

Step 3 - Enable Click to Dial

  • Upon successful Enabling PhoneBridge integration,click on “Click To Dial Enable/Disable”.You have to select both zoho user and extension number. Then click on “Enable”  to map with Zoho users.
  • Click to Dial Integration Status shows as Enable.
  • Zoho Phonebridge integration with Enjay Synapse has been done successfully.

Step 4 - Zoho Phonebridge Functionality

  • After successful integration ,Click to dial – the green button will activate in Zoho Leads tab.
  •  Call notification pop-up for Incoming or Outgoing shows as below.
  • Call notification pop-up for Hangup or Call Ended shows as below.
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