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What is Global Search in CRM and its Configuration

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How great it would be to get all the customer information you need about a company or person simply with a single click. To do this, you’ll need to know what global search is and how it can help your team to find the data easily.

Global search is the feature that provides particular data from the entire database which users want to search. In other words, Global Search is the feature used when you require data about a particular keyword from various modules. Global search is also known as full search text. 

Global search helps you get information quickly at the same time, it allows you to take quick actions such as sending SMS, or Whatsapp msg as well as sending emails from your CRM solution. You can also make a quick call from Sangam if your CRM is integrated with Synapse (our telephonic solution).

You can even make certain customizations to get results from specific Modules of your choice. This is done through “Admin Configuration”. With Admin Configurations, you can make customization in modules and fields as per your business goal and requirement.

Using Admin configuration, you can enable and disable modules and fields as per your business needs. By default, we have enabled some modules and fields for the global search. Modules like account, contact, lead, and ticket and fields like name, phone number, and email id are enabled by default in our CRM.

How customization in global search can help you?

Now let’s assume one scenario. Let’s say you have a dedicated service center team. Now, normally the Reference number field is set disabled for Global Search. But as your service center team will constantly deal with Reference numbers, therefore you can enable this field using the admin configuration. And as a result, every time your team will search for “Reference number”, they will immediately get details such as details of customers, their problems, and many more.

What are the benefits of the global search box of CRM?

  • We get data that we want from the entire database with a few clicks
  • The search process will get fast, which leads to saving time
  • The search process will get easier.
  • You can get quick information, which leads to taking quick action.
  • You will get relevant data according to your business requirements.

Now you must be wondering, wouldn’t it be great if we enable all the fields and modules for global search? 

Always remember sometimes less is more. Because when you will enable global search on every module & field of your CRM, it will take relatively more time to search out the data as it will search out the data from the entire database. But if you enable only relevant modules, the search process would take relatively less time. At the same time, your team would only see relevant data which are relevant enough to take action.

If you want to know how to configure your global search in “Sangam CRM” then watch the video given below.
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SO that’s all about Global Search and its configuration, i hope the video and blogs were useful for you.
If you are interested to know more about our Sangam CRM, feel free to visit our Website i.e sangamcrm.com.
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