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Everything You Need to Know About Voice Broadcasting for Your Business [Video]

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Until now, voice broadcasting was one of the most popular tools for political parties during times close to the elections. But now, the tool has evolved into something much more.

It now proves as an effective medium for enterprises – small, medium, and large – to connect with a broader audience to make sales, to disseminate information, to collect feedback, and much more.

Before we go into what voice broadcasting campaigns can do for your business, let’s first understand what it is.

What is Voice Broadcasting?

Voice broadcasting is the ability to communicate and connect with people on a large scale. It can be defined as a mass communication technique that broadcasts telephone messages to hundreds or thousands of call recipients at once.

Voice broadcasting is more than a tool to promote political campaigns in today’s times
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With voice broadcasting, you can pre-record and send automated voice calls to phone numbers using a centralized system and phone number. It allows the call recipients to listen to the recorded message and interact by pressing keys on their keypad. The system can detect which key is pressed and be programmed to interact and play various messages accordingly.

Thus, voice broadcasting is a form of Interactive Voice Response (IVR).

How Voice Broadcasting Can Be Used

Voice recording is a popular form of marketing today. The industries that use it include real estate, insurance, automobiles, telemarketing, healthcare, direct sales, and more.

It’s popularly used in sales to generate leads for a business. However, it has its limitations since it’s a prerecorded message, and most people find that annoying. But it has many more non-intrusive uses. Some of them are as follows:

1. Surveys

The most effective way for a business to thrive is to give its customers what they want. And the best way to know what customers want is to ask them.

You can gather this information and gain insights into how customers perceive your product and business by conducting surveys. When you know what customers like and want, and what your areas of improvement are, you can work on them to improve your business’ efficiency and effectiveness.

You can record the questions for the survey and collect feedback from many customers quickly using a voice broadcast system.

2. Event Invitations

A powerful way to stay on top of customers’ minds is to conduct physical and virtual events on topics that add value to their lives.

Such events function as a powerful lead generation tool with high conversion rates. Typically, an attendance rate of 40-50% of the people who registered is the norm. The higher the number, the higher the possibility of the number of leads converted as well.

By using voice broadcasting to remind those who registered about the event, you can increase the attendance and overall lead conversion rate.

How voice broadcasting can help you increase the overall lead conversion rate for your business
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3. Reminders

The most consistent (and cost-effective) form of revenue generation is the renewal of subscriptions and repurchasing of products once they’ve been exhausted.

Reminders for appointments or renewals for Insurance, subscription, annual maintenance contracts, and more can be carried out with little intervention from human beings. If you deploy voice broadcasting, a prerecorded message customized for the call recipient will serve well to enable them to take necessary action.

4. Notifications

Many customers often complain that they don’t get information when a new product gets launched or a discount or sale is declared.

Customers might get this information in the form of text and email messages, but they don’t pay attention to it in the daily grind. As a result, they feel upset about losing out on offers or redeeming loyalty points before they run out.

Getting notified about these details through voice broadcast messages gives customers a reminder, which increases satisfaction and their spending with your business.

Voice Broadcasting can help your business increase customer satisfaction and business. Here’s how
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5. Corporate Announcements

Why should the potential use of voice broadcasting be limited to the customers of your organization and not get used to engaging with your employees?

You can use this tool to send messages to your people and pair them with text messages, emails, corporate memos, and more. This method enables you to communicate information to all employees simultaneously, thus avoiding the possibility of grapevines and Chinese whispers.

The Benefits of Voice Broadcasting

Now that you know what voice broadcasting is and where it can get used let’s discuss the benefits of the tool for your business.

1. Reach: Voice broadcasting systems and software can share your message with thousands of people at the same time at a fraction of the speed that human beings would take for the same activity.

2. Cost-effective: The system is an affordable and cost-effective one-time investment. For a low installation and setup fee, you can get the results that would otherwise take a long time for employees to achieve.

3. Insights and Reports: Voice broadcasting software can provide reports on metrics like the number of people who answered the calls, duration for which they heard the call, and so on. You can accordingly use this data to refine your messages and improve output.

4. Simple to Use: You can create a campaign in simple tools like MS Excel, upload the recorded message, schedule the campaign, and be done.

5. Integrates with Your CRM: The voice broadcasting software syncs with your existing CRM software. You can capture the responses people give directly into the CRM and also upload details from the CRM directly into the system.

To know more benefits of a voice broadcasting system, you can click here.

The 5 key components of a voice broadcasting system
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The Components of a Voice Broadcasting System

Here are the key components of such software.

1. Database: This includes the phone numbers and details of the call recipients.

2. Recording: These are the messages you record digitally, which have to be played according to the situation.

3. Dialer: This is the automated and predictive dialer that dials out the numbers of the recipients.

4. IVR: This component enables call recipients to engage with the call, indicate their opinions, and hear messages according to the number they press on the keypad.

5. Analytics: This component provides reports and analyses about the performance of your campaigns, which you can use to improve them.

Voice broadcasting systems maintain the database, which has the phone numbers and details of the recipients and digitally recorded voice messages that get played according to the situation. These systems can disseminate dozens of messages at once when integrated and efficiently used with the components of telephony.

Phone messages can incorporate custom data interlacing software, effectively voice, or text. Transmission structures have advanced voice telephony boards that can detect answering machines and more logic circuits to transmit a single communication for answering machines and not get the message somehow truncated.

According to Call Multiplier, software interactive voice transmission can only play prerecorded voice to a call recipient message and allows the person to indicate his opinion interactively by the press special keyboard keys or cell phone, such as experiencing a highlighted by mobile phone users today to avail the services of telecommunication operators instead. The program broadcast voice can correctly detect the exact key which has been pressed by the recipient and therefore play out various interactive messages to guide the user in the further course of action.

Summing Up

Voice broadcasting systems are a great tool to help businesses and brands reach a larger audience and achieve multiple goals faster and more efficiently. However, you must keep the laws and regulations in mind, and ensure that you don’t violate them, because it won’t just be negative for your software, but your brand as well.

To know how our voice broadcasting service can enable your business to achieve its goals more optimally, you can click here.

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