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Sales Automation: Sky Rocket your business revenue using this tips

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There are many sales automation tools available to automate Sales and Marketing activities. However, using different external tools will not give one big picture of the effectiveness of efforts. Since all the information regarding the customer is inside CRM, using external tools gives isolated views.
What if CRM itself has the capability of sending the predetermined communications (messages) to prospects and customers in chronological order? It’s excellent, also because the result of that automation is also visible inside the CRM. Automation can significantly reduce the amount of human work by Sales Team. It also helps to qualify leads.  

Use Enjay CRM Tags to categories data in CRM and then with the help of Automation send Emails, SMS and WhatsApp to your prospects and Customers.

What is Sales Automation?

The process of sending the automated communications to a specific group of contacts or leads based on specific criteria.

WARNING:  This is not a spamming tool or a dedicated Bulk messaging platform. It’s a complete CRM, which includes Automated tools for improving the process.

For this CRM system needs to support few things:

  1. Tags to identify CRM records where Automation needs to be activated.
  2. Capability to send SMS, Email and Whatsapp based messages, in an automated way based on certain conditions. (e.g., you apply tag called “Prospecting stage 1”, and then CRM automatically fires specific messages in particular order on particular days.  
  3. CRM needs to have the capability to create templates for SMS, WhatsApp and Email.
  4. Capability to create automation rules and actions.
  5. CRM should also be able to record the result of automation. E.g., if Emails are sent, CRM should be able to record which emails are opened, clicked, bounced or unsubscribed.

How can CRM Automation help?

Sales Force Automation can be used not only in lead generation but also in Prospecting, customer on-boarding and even sending newsletters. Collecting feedback from customers can be automated. Let us summarise 

  1. Marketing automation – using Newsletters and cold emails.
  2. Sales Automation using prospecting messages to a sales lead. Even Lead scoring can be managed using it. A correctly implemented Lead scoring mechanism can significantly improve Sales Forecasts.   
  3. Customer Onboarding by sending messages to existing customer about the product usage and tips.
  4. Customer Service automation by sending help documents, tips and tricks based on tags applied (which can be further based on the product or type of issue). Even sending feedback request can be achieved.

Sales Automation can help improve Customer relationships and ease the life of Sales Managers.

Use CRM Tags to trigger Automation.

Enjay CRM has a concept of Tags, which is linked with Automation tool, built inside the CRM. Which means that when a Tag is applied, an Automation process is triggered which will send SMS, Emails and Whatsapp at scheduled times.

What are CRM Tags?

In CRM the data is useful only if it is correct and complete. Apart from that, we need to classify and categories information in CRM in various ways. One of the ways is to create drop down values or checkboxes for classifications.
But that has limitations; it is a rigid classification. Here comes “Tags” functionality to our rescue. The most significant advantage of using Tags is that it is very flexible. Since a single tag can be used crossed many modules to tag records, Tag gives much more information than a drop down.
CRM Tags provide the most flexible and comprehensive way to categorise and classify the CRM Data.
Here are some essential features of Tagging Feature in Enjay CRM.

  1. The tag can be applied to any record in any module.
  2. We can create any number of tags, based on various criteria that suite our business requirements. There is entirely no limit to how many tags can be created and then we can apply that tag to an unlimited number of records.  
  3. Tags can be applied Individually or in bulk, depending upon some criteria.
  4. Enjay Mobile CRM App also supports the use of tags.

Enjay CRM supports unlimited Tags; unlimited records can be tagged and unlimited Automation with unlimited Steps. Imagination is the only limitation.

Here is what can be done once the Tags are applied.

  1. Send bulk Email, SMS, WhatsApp
  2. Manually send bulk Emails to all records with a specific tag(s).
  3. Use Tags in Reports to get better insight.

Using Tags effectively can convert Enjay CRM to an extremely targeted Bulk Email automation tool.

Usage Scenarios of CRM Tags:

Tags can significantly improve Contact Management.

  1. Categories your leads or Customers based on their value: e.g. SME, Hot, Big Opportunity, Top 10, Govt, Fortune 500, etc.
  2. Tags based on relationships that people have with you. E.g., Customer, Prospect, Agent, Consultant, Supplier, Partner,
  3. Manage and classify Event attendees. (Or even tag everything related to one event with one tag: e.g., all people who attended, all documents uploaded, or all leads generated or all deals closed etc., which will tell a complete story.)  Enjay Con2017, Partner Training July 2018, Product Launch Aug 2018, etc.
  4. Identifying customers or contacts based on their roles. (Customer Persona): Owners, Influencers, Product Champs, CXOs, decision maker,
  5. Use of Tags for Categorizing the customers according to their geography or interest. Even the product they use.: Western India, Mumbai, Urban, Class A City, Product A, Product B,
  6. Use Tags to identify the lead source. e.g. Website, Email, Cebit Expo, Event ABC, Repeat Customer, etc.
  7. Create tags based on the lead stage or customer journey stage: Prospect, Suspect, Customer, Evangelist,

WARNING: CRM with automation is a powerful tool. Please consider Privacy Policy issues before using this.

How to set up Sales Automation?

The first obvious step is to plan what process you want to automate. Planning is thinking process, based on the organisation’s Sales Management System.
Don’t hesitate to use Whiteboard or blank papers for the planning. Never jump to following steps before planning correctly.

  1. Create Tags (the masters).
  2. Create as many tags as you want. You can also create more tags later.
  3. Create Message Templates. (for SMS, Email and WhatsApp)
  4. The best way to do this is to use a spreadsheet to design the flow of messages and then create all the templates.
  5. Rich HTML templates can be used for Email. Even for WhatsApp, the regular formatting options of WhatsApp can be used in Template.
  6. Create the Workflows (automation conditions and logic).
  7. Messages can be triggered based on time lapse as well as certain other conditions.

Customer relationship management CRM systems powered by Cloud computing can improve Sales Management significantly.

FAQ regarding Sales Automation and Tags:

  1. Can automation be triggered on existing records with existing tags?
    Yes, of course. E.g., If CRM has 300 records with Tag Recycled Leads, an automated workflow can be created to send messages to them.
  2. Will automation trigger when a new record is tagged?
    Yes, of course. E.g., If there is automation available for tag Recycled Leads, and a new record has been applied that tag. The Automation is triggered automatically.
  3. Can the steps (messages) in automation be changed later?
    Yes, of course. E.g., In above automation Suppose there is a need to modify some messages or include a few more messages in between. It is possible.
  4. Will Automation Process send Email, WhatsApp and SMS?
    Yes, of course. Enjay CRM has add-ons for Bulk Email and WhatsApp support. However SMS support comes built-in.
  5. Can a Task be scheduled in an automation process?
    Yes, of course. E.g., in the above case, if you want that after four messages someone from your team should call the prospect. Then that task can also be created.
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