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Here is Why the Future of CRM is Mobile!

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In a lecture at 99 Designs, marketing guru Gary Vaynerchuk said,

“Brands are spending millions of dollars on outdoor hoardings and display ads. But people aren’t looking at them anymore. In fact, people aren’t even looking at the roads.”

He’s right. The only thing people are attentively looking at is the five- or six-inch screens of their mobile phones.

The Mobile Revolution in India

Mobile phones have taken India by storm.

A report by IAMAI estimated the number of mobile users in India to reach 478 million by June 2018. The report went on to state that young students were the ‘most prolific customers.’ Middle- and older-aged men and working women used social networking and browsed more, while non-working women were more keen on text messaging.

What does this mean for brands and businesses? That everyone is mobile. If your business has to thrive, that’s where it must be as well.

Mobile is no longer an afterthought in a business’ strategy, or part of the strategy. It’s THE strategy.

Yet, according to research by Venture Beat, almost 90 percent brands don’t engage with their target audience on mobile phones.

Why is CRM Going Mobile?

Global internet traffic from mobile devices shot up from 0.7 percent in 2009 to 52.77 in 2017. Users expect customer service from brands through mobile phones now. With the vast options for customers today, their expectations have increased too.

A CRM application enables you to keep up with such growth and expectations. And mobile devices prove extremely useful in this.

“A mobile CRM helps 65 percent businesses meet their sales targets compared with only 22 percent companies without. If you don’t have a mobile CRM yet, schedule a free demo with us.”

Here are 5 benefits of Mobile CRM tools:

1. Increased Productivity

A mobile CRM empowers users to access important data on the go. They can give customers real-time information and not get tied-down to their desks for addressing queries of customers or taking appointments.

Mobile CRM applications are increasing productivity of employees. Research stated that employees using mobile devices for work get up to 240 additional hours for work – almost a whole month.

2. Improved CSAT

Mobile CRM doesn’t just benefit employees, but also customers.

Such CRM solutions ensure that customers get service anytime which is now the accepted norm. Customers can get real-time information about the status of their orders, the availability of their requirements, and so on. All this data improves their decision-making process and makes it faster.

Plus, they don’t even need to speak to people for much of this information; it’s readily available on their mobile devices.

Mobile CRM has empowered businesses to satisfy and delight customers which in turn has improved the Customer Satisfaction Index. And satisfied customers give more business to a company in form of increased orders (up to 47 percent more) and references.

3. Increased Sales Orders

A CRM application provides insights and analyses on customers’ buying behavior and patterns. This empowers salespeople to present the right product to the right customer at the right time for the right price. It also enables them to personalize their offering according to customer requirements.

A mobile CRM gets used more by salespeople. Thus, they have access to all information they need to increase sales orders from existing customers and get orders from new ones as well. Not to forget that entries made in CRM applications allow you to review the efficiency and effectiveness of your sales team.

This is why 65 percent of companies achieved their sales quotas, while just 22 percent of those without a mobile CRM achieved it according to IBM research.

79 percent leads fail to convert into sales in businesses without a CRM. If you don’t have one yet, don’t miss out. Connect with us to know how Enjay’s CRM tool can help your business increase its turnover.

These statistics have huge outcomes, especially for small businesses.

4. Improved Return on Investment

The Forrester Group had polled 2,000 employees using a CRM. They found that when the system was properly integrated and optimally used, the RoI exceeded a whopping 245 percent!

Their research further highlighted that using a CRM application increased:

50 percent improvement in productivity of teams,
74 percent improvement in business relations,
40 percent reduction in customer service labor costs,
10 percent reduction in consultation time.

On the balance sheets, these numbers don’t translate into direct revenue. But this additional time and effort invested in productive tasks has a direct impact on your company’s topline and bottom line.

5. Multi channel Integration

Mobile CRMs give businesses the flexibility to access information faster and increase their output manifold.

They can plan using the calendar integration feature, encourage real-time communication through click-to-call and website integration, share files and access dashboards on the go, etc.

But such CRM applications also reduce the mundane task of data collection and storage from multiple sources like social media, exhibitions, online and offline campaigns and so on. This doesn’t just bring down the time spent on non-revenue generating activities. It also reduces the time they take to respond to their prospects and customers.

Thus, brands can live up to customers’ expectations and grab a larger piece of the business pie.

Enjay’s CRM can be integrated with WhatsApp to capture your prospects’ contact details and also send messages directly. Click here to know more.

What to Look for While Choosing a Mobile CRM?

Now that you’re convinced about the benefits of a mobile customer relationship management for your business, let’s discuss the key aspects you should look for while choosing such an application.

a. Ease of Use

A CRM might offer cutting-edge features. But if it’s complex for your teams to navigate, they will stop using it. And the objective of customer satisfaction will get missed.

Research state that 72 percent CRM users would trade a complex interface for an easy-to-use one. So deploy a tool that your staff finds easy to use, from entering data to sending emails and instant messages. Not everything complex is useful.

b. Remote Access

In this era, if you wait till Monday to process an order which a customer placed on Friday, you’ll lose customers faster than milk teeth. Today’s customer wants everything NOW.

Choose a CRM tool that empowers your team to enter data from multiple locations – social media, WhatsApp, trade shows, partner sites and more. Give them remote access to increase their effectiveness and efficiency.

c. Intelligent Analytics

Many businesses capture a lot of data about their customer. But they don’t do anything with it because they don’t know how to start.

Products, purchase frequency and ticket size will give you intelligence on how you can delight them and also cross sell, thus improving your revenue and profit margins. So choose a CRM that can give you consolidated data on important metrics through a dashboard.

d. Follow Up and Tracking Mechanisms

Work keeps everyone busy today. So much that your teams might forget to follow up with prospects and customers.

Your mobile CRM tool should enable users to schedule follow ups and get notified about the same. This will ensure that you take good care of your customer who in turn, will take good care of you.

Summing Up

Businesses are moving at the speed of trust today. The most important factor in business today is relationships, whether you have one customer or one thousand. Ensure sure you have the right CRM tool which helps you achieve your customer-oriented goals.

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