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Why Enjay Reversed the Conventional Inbound Conference Call System [Video]

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Communication plays a crucial role in the functioning of an organization. In times of globalization, this becomes even more important. Branches of companies are no longer just spread across states in a country but across countries around the globe.

It’s heartening to see more companies embrace technology to improve their efficiency and effectiveness. Communication is an integral part of achieving this goal; companies are also leveraging technology to enhance cross-branch communication regardless of geographical boundaries.

One such technology is an audio conference call (inbound conference call).

What is an Inbound Conference Call?

Inbound conferencing is how a conference call gets conducted via audio. (It’s also known as an audio conference call or audio teleconference.) It’s held between two or more people in different locations using devices that allow sending and receiving of sound to communicate and collaborate on important points.

An inbound conference call involves two or more parties at the same time. It can be carried out either through a telephone device or the internet, which deploys the phone and computers.

An inbound conference call enables businesses to communicate regardless of geographical boundaries
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The Advantages of an Inbound Conference Call

Here are seven benefits of an inbound conference call.

1. Cost-effectiveness

Compared to other conferencing tools, and inbound conference tool is more cost-effective and also offers a better quality of voice. Thus, companies can achieve their purpose of communicating and collaborating between executives, customers, and partners without burning holes in their pockets.

2. Easy to Use

An inbound conference system is easy to set up and use. Since the technology to use it has been around since quite some time and become familiar, one can host a conference quickly. This means executives spend more time doing what they should and less time trying to figure out how to use the system.

3. Saving Time and Energy

Thanks to such tools, executives and leaders no longer have to travel to the other side of the country or globe to attend a meeting or seminar. This means they save a lot of time and money on business trips, and the company benefits from the same as well.

3 advantages of an inbound conference calling system
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Disadvantages of Inbound Conference Calling

1. Only Verbal

When communication is not visual images, it’s easy to get distracted by other aspects other than the call itself. One way to solve this is to conduct a video conference call, but even that demands that attendees be present in a relatively professional surrounding at the time of the call, something that could be a difficult aspect for people in different time zones.

2. (Sometimes) Unreliable Network

Joining a conference call can sometimes become a hassle when one has to dial the number and PIN, and the call doesn’t connect. The person might connect with a colleague and ask for help and distract him from the call, too, leading to a ruckus that could get created.

3. Lack of Streamlined Joining

Different people join the call within a few minutes of each other. When they join, they could interrupt a discussion already going on, or the attendees might have to start all over again for the latest joinee to catch up. Or people forget the time when they should join the call or the PIN, leading to more confusion.

The Alternative: Outbound Call Conferencing

In an outbound call conference, you don’t need to call the system to join a call. Instead, the system calls you. This means attendees don’t have to remember the dial-in numbers and PINs but have to pick up the call and become part of it.

Why Enjay reversed the entire process of the conference call
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How the Outbound Call Conference System Works

Here are the four steps to schedule and monitor an outbound call conference.

Step 1: Create the Conference

Login to your Enjay Synapse Server web management console. Select the Extension or Mobile number of the organizer.

Step 2: Add Attendees

Add internal extensions or external landline number or mobile numbers of the people who will attend the conference.

Step 3: Schedule the Conference Call

Schedule the call to be made to attendees once or to repeat. At the scheduled time, everybody will receive a call from Enjay Synapse.

Step 4: Monitor Real-time

Monitor who has joined the call, manage your audience by muting people, or adding/removing them from the conference call.

Where You Can Use an Outbound Conference Call

Here are five scenarios where you can use an outbound conference call:

1. Sales Reviews

To ensure that all salespeople get on the weekly, monthly, and quarterly sales review call at the right time, this system can get deployed.

2. Associations and Clubs

To communicate regularly with trustees and communication members, an outbound conference call is a useful option.

3. Investor and Shareholder Meetings

For the management to give updates to investors and shareholders about quarterly revenue figures and plan of actions.

4. Repeated Meetings

If you have a review meeting to be held over and over again (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc.), you can use an outbound conference call system.

5. Board Meetings

If you engage periodically with the Managing Director or senior directors and executive board members, you can use an outbound conference call.

Here are five benefits of an outbound conference call system
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The Benefits of Enjay Outbound Conference Call

1. PINless Conference Calling

Attendees no longer have to remember the dial-in number and PIN to connect to the call. The phone number becomes the identity, and the security of the system is top-notch.

2. Easy to Join

Enjay’s Synapse automatically dials the number entered and retries twice if the person missed answering the call. If you still miss the call, you can dial the number and join since your number gets authenticated.

3. Monitoring and Management

Organizers can monitor the attendee’s real-time using Enjay Synapse and can add new members by simply a click. The system does the dialing. Organizers can also mute members or drop them from a call if required with a single click.

4. Call Recording

The option to record the entire call using Enjay’s Synapse server is available. The recording can also be shared by the organizer, along with the minutes of the meeting with the participants. The call recording is in a form that is easily compatible with all devices.

5. Safety of Your Data

Recent allegations about the theft of the database by a lot of free tools have come to light. Free tools sell such databases to other companies, making the security of your company and its people vulnerable. Enjay ensures multi-layered security of all your data, thus protecting you from such cases.

If you want to know how the outbound call conferencing system can benefit your business, you can click this link.

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