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How to buy a CRM? The secrets that no one tells you. (Video)

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Your CRM requirement cannot come from CRM features. Your CRM requirement comes from the problems that you want to solve and the goals you want to achieve. 

The purpose of this video is to make the most authentic CRM buying guide. Before understanding how to buy CRM, I request you to look at the previous video, How not to buy CRM. That video tells you about the mistakes to avoid. 

Let me put it in steps so that it becomes easier for you to do it.  

Create a list of problems you want to solve or goals you want to achieve. 

  1. Please don’t start with features you need. Your CRM vendor will guide you through them. You focus on things you want to achieve. 
  2. You don’t need an ISO standard document for the same. 
  3. Just a bullet list of problems to be solved or goals to be achieved is enough. 
  4. The list of your problems and goals is your actual requirement document for CRM. Not the features, but the problems 

Discuss with all the stakeholders in your organization.

  1. Take your team along with you for the planning process and also demos and product tours. 
  2. Getting acceptance from your team is an essential requirement for the success of CRM. 
  3. They need to feel a sense of involvement in the entire process. 

Guided tour instead of Self-Trails

  1. Once you list out your requirements, ask the vendors to show the solutions. 
  2. How your requirements are met in their software platform. 
  3. Take guided tours of processes as they are done in the CRM. 

Talk to few customers of your CRM Vendors. 

  1. How is the software? What features do they find useful? 
  2. How is the support by the software vendor? Is it reactive or proactive?
  3. What other support do they get from the vendor, apart from software queries? 
  4. What are the challenges that they faced when they started to implement the CRM? 
  5. How did they resolve them?
  6. What support did they get from the vendor for resolving those challenges? 

Get Customer references and talk to them. Talk to at least three customers of your CRM vendors to find out their experience. It is much more revealing than anything else. It might look time-consuming but invest that time. Anyways, you will waste too much time on negotiations, instead invest it in customer reference.

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