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EVB User Guide

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EVB Startup Guide
Before you start our service, you should have
  1. User Registers.
  2. Credits assigned to you by superadmin.
  3. Sound file to broadcast(Required .wav file only)
  4. Contact list to whom you want to broadcast voice message. (Must be in .CSV format)
How to use EVB service
Register.Open Synapse in your browser.Locate Adons.Click Voice Broadcasting.Click on tab Broadcast.
Login with your username & password.
Contact your administrator you credits.
  • After you login, enter the following information.
  • Campaign Name (Anything appropriate to your contact list or event).
  • Campaign Type : Two Types.
    • Simple Campaign : Just for sending your voice message to your contact list
    • Feedback Campaign : If you want feedback from your contacted persons, then this campaign type is useful.
  • Maximum Try : Number of available attempts to call.
  • Retry Time : After how many seconds they should be call again.
  • Select sound for your campaign.
  • Two options to upload the sound file.
    • Dial number displayed from your phone, give user name and password shown on your page when prompting.On completion of recording press # button on your phone to playback your recorded message. Click on refresh button given on page.
    • Your uploaded file will shown in the list.
    • Upload a wave file from your PC. (.Wav format)
  • License Agreement
    • If you agree with the License policy then check it and go to the next step.
  • Select Phone book
  • If you are a new user then you need to add contacts in your phone book. Press on “Create Phone book” button.
    • Enter Group Name(Give any appropriate name) eg:- customers.
    • Upload your contact list (.CSV Format only).
  • After creating phone book, select phone book from drop down list and go to the next step.
  • Choose Numbers to whom you want to call.
  • Summary Page.
  • This page will show the Campaign Information.
    a). Campaign name
    b). Campaign Type
    c). Max Try
    d). Retry Time
    e). Sound file name
    f). Duration of Sound clip
    g). Required Credits.
Click on Next. Your campaign will show list with various options.
Before starting the campaign, test your campaign with “Test Campaign” option by entering your number preceding with zero. Click on Call button.
If everything is fine, then click on Start Campaign button (play button).
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