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Enjay Synapse V/S normal IP_PBX

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Enjay Synapse is much more than an IP_PBX Solution, but with a difference. We call it BTI (Business Telephony Integration) rather than CTI (Computer Telephony Integration).

In this article, we examine what is an advantage of the Enjay Synapse Server.

  • Cost
    • PC hardware is used – not specialized costly hardware.
    • Open Source software is used.
    • Indigenously developed
  • Indian solution for Indian requirement
  • Extremely reliable & efficient
    • Enjay Synapse Server uses PRI cards from Sangoma – Canada. They are one of the best telephony hardware manufacturers in the world.
    • It’s not that the company is in Canada and Cards are made in China, they are manufactured in Canada itself.
    • Enjay is an authorized partner in India.
  • Easily expandable & upgradable.
    • Enjay Synapse Server uses PCIe PRI Cards.
    • The standard version has support for 1 PRI line, but there are other models available which can support 2 or 4 PRI lines per card.
    • If the server hardware that we are using has 2 PCIe slots – then we can connect up to 8 PRI lines on a single Server.
    • Also, there are high-end (high density) cards available – which can support up to 64 PRI lines.
  • Can integrate with the software.
    • Enjay Synapse server can integrate with almost any type of software (CRM / ERP / any other application – local or hosted)
  • Any customization is possible
  • Fully ready and compatible for a hybrid solution.
    • Enjay Synapse server can work with all the telephony devices like:
    • IP Phones (wired and wireless)
    • Softphones – any softphone with any operating system.
    • Analog phones (with the help of an ATA device)
    • Another IP_PBX is available in the market.
  • Can connect to external VOIP servers.
  • Open Source and Open Standards.
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