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Cloud Telephony: Everything You Need to Know About It

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If you have a traditional business phone system setup at your organization, try the following solution known as cloud telephony solution.
Run a survey of your infrastructure – wires, infrastructure, devices – and the space they occupy. Now imagine most of this infrastructure gone from your organization. And yet, your telecommunications services work better than before.
Sounds too good to be true?
Well, that’s the magic of cloud telephony.

What is Cloud Telephony?

In the last decade, cloud-based communications have become widespread.
According to Wikipedia, these are internet-based voice and data communications where a third part hosts telecommunications applications at a remote location and lets an organization access them over the public internet.
Until recently, these communication tools were data-centric. But with Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) evolving, this phenomenon has extended to voice also. Such voice services over the cloud are known as cloud telephony.
Cloud telephony is a technology where the service provider hosts all communications devices and applications at a remote location outside the organization. This technology has replaced traditional business phone system equipment like a Private Branch Exchange (PBX) and conventional phone lines.

5 Benefits of Cloud Telephony

Cloud telephony now enables companies to cut costs without compromising on features. It also offers an improved experience in terms of quality to a business without the hassle of installing and maintaining the infrastructure.
Here are 5 benefits of having a cloud based telephony system for your organization:

1. Lower Cost

Setting up a PBX system or physical PRI line at your premises is an expensive affair. You need to spend on handsets, softphones, routers, servers, IVRs and more. Not to mention that you and your people need to be trained for basic troubleshooting if a problem arises.
A cloud telephony solution eliminates all these hassles for you.
You just have to purchase mobile phone and landline devices which you use to make and receive business calls. Since you don’t need to invest in equipment, you don’t need to spend money on expensive Annual Maintenance Contracts either.
“Enjay’s Cloud Telephony system can help you reduce your business cost by up to [x] percent. Get in touch with us for a free appointment to understand how.”

2. Lower Setup Time

Do you remember how much time it took to set up the traditional business phone system at your location? It seemed like a never-ending process. And how long you had to wait for a technician when an issue arose and stopped business calls.
Business cannot wait, can it?
Cloud Telephony solutions reduce your go-live time to less than half a day. In many cases, they take less than half an hour to set up. Customer support and technical troubleshooting is also faster since the infrastructure lies at the service provider’s end.
Imagine how quickly your business communications can be up and running!

3. Single Business Numbers

How do you feel when your vendors and business partners give you a bunch of different phone numbers to contact for different reasons? We don’t know about you, but we feel overwhelmed and confused.
Now imagine how your customers feel if you do the same to them.
Cloud Telephony solutions can reduce this burden for your customers and you. You get a single number for all your people to use. This is especially useful for contact centers but it also proves useful to any organization with more than one person (or department) answering business calls.

4. Scalability

Have you ever purchased more infrastructure and devices thinking it’ll be useful for when your team becomes bigger? Sometimes the team grows, sometimes it doesn’t. But for now, your investment is a dead investment.
Not so if you have a cloud telephony solution.
This technology is scalable and can integrate with any platform or software. You can add new users, departments and options in the system on the go and get it working within minutes.

5. A Professional Image

This is the icing on the cake.
Features like an IVR, call recording and distribution and more boost your company’s image and makes you appear more professional to callers. And people love to do business with a professional company.

How to Choose a Cloud Telephony Solution for Your Business?

Let’s now discuss what you should check before choosing a cloud telephony solution.
Here are three essential points.
a. The Cost
This is obviously the first aspect to consider.
In the beginning, a cloud based solution might appear expensive. But in the long run, you’ll save much more since you save on equipment and manpower costs.
Before stepping into the market, make a list of features and the number of users you want, and then check out your options.
b. The Choice of Your Number
Does the service provider let you retain your own number? Or does it force you to take a new number one?
Switching to a new number means you’ll have to inform all your customers and contacts about the change. This boring task will also waste time.
Choose a service that lets you keep your existing numbers. Enjay’s Cloud Telephony services let you retain your own numbers and forward them to our PRI lines.
c. Analysis and Dashboards
Data is key to understand how you can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your business. As Sherlock Holmes said, “I cannot build bricks without clay.”
Check out what reports does the service provide you with, and whether they give significant insights into your organization’s functioning.
“Enjay’s Cloud Telephony service gives you real-time data on all aspects that you need, and also keeps you updated with latest reports through SMS and email. Click here to know how our reports can help you improve your business.”
These are the three most important factors while choosing a cloud telephony service.
Apart from these, also compare aspects like technical support (24/7 or limited to weekdays), integration with your existing software, and more. If you conduct proper research, you cannot go wrong with your choice.
Summing Up
Cloud telephony is the way forward for every business. It enhances your people’s productivity and keeps you updated on performance. Such a service is a strategic investment if you want to scale your business up in a proper manner.

“For a free, no obligations demo of Enjay’s Cloud Telephony service, click here.”

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