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A Definitive Guide to Auto Dialer [Video]

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The discussion about Auto dialer starts with complex terms like preview dialling, progressive dialling, predictive dialling etc. An auto Dialer is a system or software that automatically dials the phone number. Automatic dialer software integration with CRM software increases agent efficiency & improve productivity. There are different types of methods for dialling.

  1. Manual Dialling
  2. Preview Dialling
  3. Progressive Dialling
  4. Predictive Dialling

Manual & Preview dialling is not the auto dialling method. The agent has to dial the number in both the methods. 

Progressive & Predictive dialling are an auto dialling method. Auto dialer phone dials the number automatically in both the methods.

An autodialer is used for Outbound call dialling process while ACD or Automatic Call Distribution is for Inbound Call Process. The integration of auto dialer with CRM increases agent efficiency.
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Manual Dialling Methods

There are two ways to dial the number manually.

  1. Manual Dialling
  2. Preview Dialling or Click to call

Manual Dialling

  • It’s a traditional way of dialling to customers.
  • Generally, the user sees the number in an excel sheet or any other software & dial it manually from the phone instrument.
  • Manual dialling may be done using the traditional analogue phone and analogue EPABX system. 
  • It’s error prone & time consuming as an agent has to dial the number manually on phone.
  • There is no call log maintained in the manual dialer.

Preview Dialling or Click to call

  • It’s an agent controlled dialling system.
  • Generally, It’s used with CRM using CTI technology.
  • It helps the agent to review the details of the customer before dialling it.
  • The agent can dial the customer by clicking on the number in CRM.
  • It’s also known as click to call.
  • Once the agent dials the number, screen pop up displays the information about customer & gives options to write sales notes. Screen popup also displays information about the previous conversation with the customer.
  • CRM software logs call with duration, disposition & recording link.
  • All the call details are linked to the respective modules in CRM. (eg. contact, account, deal, enquiry etc.)
  • It helps the agent to enhance performance & reach more prospects.
  • It provides individualized attention to every customer & provides a different level of customer experience.

Who can use the Preview Dialling?

  • The organization selling high-value items requires longer sales cycles. One call is not enough for them.  Preview dialling is the best option for them.
  • Business to Business (B2B) sales takes longer sales cycles & Preview dialer works best for them.

Preview dialling is the best option for the businesses providing solutions to the customers.

For small teams, Manual and Preview Dialling are more suitable than Predictive or Auto Dialling.
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Auto Dialling Methods

There are 3 ways for the dialer to dial the number automatically.

  1. Progressive Dialer
  2. Predictive Dialer
  3. Voice Broadcast

Let’s try to understand these methods.

1. Progressive Dialer

  • The call centre admin or manager assigns the list of customers data to a different agent.
  • The agent can view the data with customer details.
  • Auto dialer dials the agent’s number first. Once the agent answers the call, dialer dials to the customer’s number. Once the call is completed, the dialer will dial another number automatically after predefined wrapup time. This system is known as Progressive dialer.
  • An agent can control the wrap-up time.
  • It dials with 1 agent to 1 customer ratio.  There is no chance for abandoned calls for the customer as the system dials first to agent & then to the customer.
  • Generally, Progressive dialer works from CRM using CTI.
  • The agent can see the call pop up with details of the customer on the screen.
  • All the calls are recorded to the respective CRM modules.
  • CRM logs the calls with duration, disposition & recording link.
  • It’s an advanced version of preview dialling. All the features of preview dialling remain with Progressive dialling.

Who can use the Progressive Dialling?

  • The purpose of progressive dialling is to dial more numbers with better customer experience.
  • When the quality of call with the best customer experience matters, Progressive dialling works best.
  • Travel agency, Automobile, Real estate etc. can leverage the benefits of progressive dialling.

2. Predictive Dialer

  • Predictive dialling is one of the buzzwords in the call centre industry, also sometimes referred to as Contact Centre.
  • The call centre manager uploads the data & assign the agents to the campaign.
  • Predictive dialer dials the customer’s number first. Once the customer answers the call, the dialer will connect the call to a free agent. There is a small pause for the customer before connecting to the agent.
  • As a result, the Agents don’t have to wait for unconnected or unanswered calls. Predictive Dialler systems are generally capable of answering machine detection.
  • Predictive dialer dials the customer’s number based on the calculation of free agents, average talk time etc. This system predicts intelligently when agents will be free to take the call. That is why it is known as Predictive Dialer.
  • It generally works based on an agent to customer ratio.
  • Eg. There are 50 agents. The ratio is defined to 1.5. Predictive dialer will dial 50 x 1.5 = 75 calls 
  • It will try to keep 75 simultaneous calls in the campaign.
  • It dials more calls then the available agents. There is a chance of abandoned calls if all agents are busy.
  • All other functionalities of preview dialer & progressive dialer like screen pop up, call logging, call recording etc. is available in Predictive dialling. 

Who can use Predictive dialling?

  • Although the predictive dialling increases Agent productivity, It’s not ideal for every business.
  • When the quantity of calls matters, predictive dialling is the best.
  • Debt collection process requires to reach out to more people for collection & agent’s script are normally the same. Predictive dialling works best for Debt collection.
  • For Insurance collection process for automobile, telemarketing, payment reminder calls, prepaid/postpaid plan selling etc. predictive dialling works best.
  • It can be used for the organization selling low-cost items with a smaller sales cycle. eg. selling of postpaid/prepaid plan.
  • Generally, the agent’s talk time for predictive dialling is less than 5 minutes. It is not suggested for less than 20 agents.

3. Voice Broadcast

  • Voice broadcasting is auto dialling method to send a pre-recorded message to thousands of customers in a very short period of time.
  • automated dialer dials the customer’s number first. Once the customer answers the call, the dialer will play the predefined IVR. This system is known as Voice Broadcast.
  • The IVR played can also be customised and constructed in realtime based on Text to speech.
  • The campaign needs to be created with the customer’s number list & predefined voice file for IVR.
  • Voice Broadcast system is also known as Outbound IVR system.
  • The customer feedback system can be created using voice broadcast system. Customer can choose the DTMF input & voice broadcast system gives the detailed report.
  • This helps to reduce the dependency on agents.
  • The voice broadcast can be scheduled at a particular time.

Who can use the Voice Broadcast?

  • Indian Railway is using voice broadcasting system for feedback collection. We all have experienced this.
  • Automobile dealer can use this for insurance, service reminder, visit booking etc.
  • The hotel industry can use this to collect customer feedback.
  • This system can be used for different purposes like advertising, announcements, emergency calls, greetings, visit booking, reminder calls etc.
  • This system can also be used by Government, Politicians, hospitality business, Real estate business, Travel business etc.

Which dialer is best?

  • A single type of dialer is not enough for today’s business.
  • The dialer system must have the flexibility to use preview, progressive & predictive dialling.
  • The selection of the right dialer for a business depends on many factors.
    • Business Process
    • Number of Agents
    • Target Customers
    • Quality of Leads
  • The main factor to select the right dialer is the purpose of the call.

Auto dialer components & setup


  • An autodialer is an add on part of the  IP PBX system.
  • IP PBX should have features like IVR, ACD, Voice broadcast & advanced CRM integration along with auto dialling.
  • IP PBX is a critical element of telephony infrastructure.
  • Each & every component in telephony infrastructure should be digital.

2. Telephone Line

  • The telephone line is required to make & receive calls.
  • It is terminated to IP PBX.
  • SIP trunk or PRI line is recommended as it’s digital in nature & auto dialling requires a huge number of calls to be dialled.
  • In India, IP PBX telephony system with TEC certificate is suggested.

3. IP phone & Softphone

  • Use IP phone & Softphone to get the best sound quality.
  • A softphone is a software used to make & receive calls from a computer. Headsets are required to communicate using a softphone.
  • Don’t use an analogue phone by using IP to Analog converter.

 4. CRM Software

  • It is the most important part of Auto dialer system.
  • CRM needs to integrate with IP PBX to get all the advanced functionality of auto dialer using CTI.
  • CRM works as agent portal for Auto dialling system. 
  • CRM provides Live Dashboard & advanced reporting for agent monitoring.

  5. Local Area Network (LAN)

  • Proper planning of computer network is required to get the benefits of IP telephony & CRM.
  • Security device like Firewall is a must to secure data network & IP telephony.

Cost of Autodialer System

Auto dialling system is most advanced add on feature of IP PBX telephony system. The CRM software integration with IP PBX telephony system helps to use auto dialling system effectively & improve performance of call centre. The onsite/hosted telephony system with CRM software is required. The integration, implementation & customization requires extra cost.

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