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Attendance Management system in Sangam CRM

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Attendance Management system

Every business owner, sales manager, or leader faces the problem of keeping track of their team member’s attendance, like when they are coming, when they are leaving, when they are applying for leave, and who has approved the leave.

As there is no system in place, managers at the senior level don’t know the Resource Availability on any particular day. The HR personnel had to do a lot of Manual work to calculate the Payroll and Salaries of the employees. 

To address this problem, many organizations try to find out a proper attendance management system, and in the end, they usually end up using a dedicated Human Resource Management System.

But then why use less if you can get more by using CRM software to keep track of all this stuff along with lots of other features?

Sangam CRM is one such CRM that has dedicated Modules for Attendance Management, Leave Management, and Holiday Management. 

Watch the Below Video to Find out how all the above three things are Managed in Sangam CRM.

Which is better, CRM Software or HRMS Software?

Obviously, if you are only looking to manage Attendance, Leave, and Holidays, then you can go with the Dedicated HRMS software, but CRM software has a lot to offer. With the help of CRM software, you can also able to manage the Sales team, Marketing campaigns, Customer support, Customer service, and Customer data management.

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How attendance of employee get managed in Sangam CRM?

In Sangam CRM, the greatest benefit is its cloud base CRM system, which means employees can log in from anywhere at any time from mobile and web. 

Now, there are three specific modules for attendance management that are Attendances module, Leave application module, and Holidays module. Let’s understand what function each module performs one by one.

  1. Attendance Management
    With the help of an attendance module in Sangam CRM, your team members can mark their Attendance through its CLOCK IN and CLOCK out Features.
    In simple words, while entering your office premises, employees can mark their respective attendance by taking their Photo (Basically a selfie) and while leaving the office premises, they will again have to take a selfie.
    Based on their Clock in & Clock out time, the working hours of employees will get calculated and proper time tracking of employee work hours is possible. the best part is same will be reflected in CRM and based on this data you can able to generate reports for the same.
    Besides Clock in, Clock out, CRM will also store the location from where the clock-in and clock-out have been made. 
  2. Leave management
    To manage the Leave of employees, you don’t need any specific leave management software. With the help of the Leave Module In Sangam CRM, your team members can easily request leave. The same request will be sent to a concerned manager, who can accept or reject the Leave request. 
    The person applying for leave also gets a dropdown option where he/she can choose whether he/she wants to apply for leave as Paid Leave or Un-Paid Leave. 
    They can also request a manager to Work From Home from the same drop-down.
    Upon Rejection or Acceptance of the Leave request, the person who has requested the leave will get a notification.
    At the end of the month, HR executives easily can able to calculate leave balances with help of reports.
    To manage absenteeism on holidays, we have a separate module. Let’s quickly look at how holiday Management Works.
  3. Holiday management
    With the help of the Holiday Module in Sangam CRM, CRM Admins can set & define holidays in the CRM system. As holidays are pre-defined in the system, the system would consider that day as Holiday and it wouldn’t mark Absent on those defined days.

Sangam CRM can be easily accessed through any Web browser. We also have a native Sangam CRM mobile App that has similar Functionality.

Attendance Marking (Clock In and Clock Out) will be managed through Mobile App. And the reporting part can be managed through Both Mobile Applications and the Web.

However, to Export or Download the reports for further Analysis, such as Salary Calculation, you will have to rely on the Web Version.

How it can benefit you & your Team?

The Best part is, from the Attendance dashboard, managers can easily see a list of employees that are Present at the premises, a list of employees that are Working from Home, and a list of employees that are on Leave. 

Based on the Monthly Attendance of individual employees, the salary of Individual employees gets calculated Automatically.


And that’s how Sangam CRM can help you Managed Attendance, Leave & Holidays.

One important thing you should remember is that CRMs are not to replace HRMS tools; CRM has so much to offer, and Managing the HR process is just one part of CRM. 

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